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Do I need to sign a long-term contract to receive lower pricing?

No way! It is a month to month rental and we don't want you to have to pay for more days than you actually use. If you provide advance notice of your move out date, prior to your next due date, we will be happy to prorate your rent payment for that month so you only pay for the days that you store with us.  We know it’s hard to predict how long you’ll need to store with us, so at Hide-Away Storage there are no long-term contracts to sign.

How do I know how much storage space I’ll need?

Hide-Away Storage offers 30+ sizes of self-storage units. Our large assortment of storage sizes provides you with the convenience of finding just the right size. It also saves you money because you won’t be forced to rent more space than you actually need.

Does Hide-Away Storage have rental trucks?

Most of our storage facilities have UHaul or Penske rental trucks available for our customers.

What kind of security does Hide-Away Storage have at its storage facilities?

Hide-Away’s self-storage facilities have security cameras to help protect you and your belongings. In addition, most of our self-storage facilities have resident managers who live on-site at the property for your peace of mind. For our 24-hour access drive-up storage units, we have a monitored security gate for your safety.

Do I need to get my own lock and key?

You don’t need to purchase a lock prior to renting a unit with us. Hide-Away uses the highest security locking system in the storage industry to ensure that your belongings are safe. You can purchase this high-security cylinder lock at the time of rental. We do not have or keep a copy of your keys, so please keep them in a safe place.

Does Hide-Away Storage offer air-conditioned or climate-controlled storage?

All of Hide-Away’s self-storage locations offer air-conditioned storage units. The temperature is carefully monitored so that it is maintained at 80 degrees or lower, with humidity at 60% or lower.

Will I need to walk far to get to my storage unit?

Because all of Hide-Away’s air-conditioned storage facilities have multiple entry doors, the average distance from your car to your storage unit is about 30 steps. This provides you with a convenience that you won’t find at many other multi-story storage facilities.

Does Hide-Away Storage have any dollies or carts to help with moving our things into storage?

All of our self-storage facilities have a large selection of carts and dollies to help you easily transport your belongings from your vehicle to your storage unit.

Can I pay my bill online?

You can easily pay your bill online by visiting For your convenience, we can also set up your account to "auto-pay" each month on a credit or debit card.

When can I access my storage unit?

Hide-Away offers 24-hour access, seven days a week, to all of its storage units.

What is Hide-Away’s smallest storage size?

At most of our self-storage locations, we have small lockers which are just 4 feet high, for economical storage for smaller items.

Will my belongings be protected in your non-air-conditioned storage units?

For non-sensitive items, our overhead door storage units are well ventilated to protect against mildew and other effects of humidity and heat. All of our ceilings are insulated to prevent excessive heat from affecting your belongings. For household goods such as furniture and clothing, we recommend that you store your belongings in air-conditioned storage to protect from Florida’s heat and humidity.

Will my belongings be protected from bugs while in storage?

We schedule regular pest control service in our air-conditioned storage buildings to keep our storage facilities clean and to protect your belongings. If you would like your specific unit to be sprayed for pests, please speak with the facility manager.

Can I get insurance to protect my belongings?

Hide-Away Storage offers a customized Property Protection Plan for a small monthly fee. The plan helps pay for certain losses with a zero deductible should your goods be damaged while in storage. This is not insurance, but Hide-Away’s customized plan to offer its tenants additional financial protection.

Do I have to purchase Property Protection?

We require that you protect your stored belongings with insurance for your peace of mind and ours; all reputable storage companies in Florida have this same requirement. You can satisfy this insurance requirement by providing a copy of your declarations page for your homeowner’s policy; however, many tenants choose to use our Property Protection Plan even if their belongings are covered by their homeowner’s policy because our Plan offers a zero deductible and in the unlikely event of a claim, their homeowner’s policy won’t be affected.

Will I have a problem driving a big moving truck on your property?

No. Hide-Away’s wide driveways make it easy and convenient to access your storage unit.

Does Hide-Away sell packing supplies?

Hide-Away offers a variety of boxes and packing supplies to help you move and protect your belongings. Please go to our Packing Supplies page to see what we offer. Stop by one of our self-storage locations to purchase any of these boxes and packing supplies.