Portable Storage


Questions about how much space you’ll need for your move or storage needs? Call us at (941) 315-6523 to speak with our portable storage and moving experts.

Storage Units Delivered To Your Door

  • With portable storage units delivered to your door, you can load when you want, on your schedule. Take a day or a week; it’s your decision. Less work with a shorter carry.
  • It takes just a few steps from your front door to load into a portable storage unit versus the long carry into a storage facility.
  • Flexibility to pack and load one room at a time and not be overwhelmed by having everything ready to go at the same time. Moving is hard. Portable storage makes it easier and less stressful.​

Load & Unload Only One Time

Half the work and time with only two steps:

  • Load into the portable storage units
  • Unload into your new home

With regular storage, there are four steps:

  • Load into a truck
  • Unload/load into a storage unit
  • Load into a truck
  • Unload into your new home

Less risk of damage to your belongings because they are being handled less. Most damage occurs during loading and unloading. By cutting out half of the loading/unloading, you also reduce the opportunity for damage. Do the math. It really is half the work.

Ground Level Loading/No Truck Ramp

  • Easier loading with less work and risk of injury because you don’t have to climb up and down exhausting and dangerous truck ramps with heavy or oversize furniture and appliances. Ask Yourself: Would I rather load into a storage unit at ground level or go up and down a dangerous and narrow truck ramp?

No Truck Rental Needed

  • Less cost because you don’t have to pay for a rental truck twice – once when you move your things into storage and then again when you move out of storage.
  • Less stress because you don’t have to worry if the truck will be there when you go to pick it up.
  • Less risk because you don’t have the liability of driving a big rental truck.
  • Less time wasted driving to the rental truck location and waiting to process paperwork for the rental.

Perfectly-Sized Storage Units

  • Better organization because you can sort your belongings into different portable storage units for easy access to seasonal items or clothing. It’s easier to access things in smaller portable units than searching through a large traditional storage unit.
  • Flexibility to pack and load one room at a time and not be overwhelmed by having everything ready to go at the same time.

What Fits?

Hide-Away's Portable Storage containers are 8' long x 5' wide x 6 ½ high or approximately the size of a large walk-in closet. Each storage container will hold approximately 1 to 1½ rooms of furniture or household belongings. If you overestimate the number of storage containers that you'll need, we won't charge you for the empty units when we pick up your full storage units. Click here for a guide which will help you estimate how many storage containers you'll need.

Our storage containers are placed at ground level, which makes loading and unloading a whole lot more convenient than walking up and down a steep loading ramp. Almost all household goods will fit into our Portable Storage containers, including a king-size bed. Most large armoires or other tall items will fit into the Portable box if laid on their side. The maximum length or height that will fit into the Portable container is 7'8".

Hide-Away's Portable Storage units are constructed out of plywood and are pressure-treated on the bottom to protect your belongings from ground moisture or rainwater while the containers are on your property. The wood frame allows the units to "breathe" while they are stored in our air-conditioned and dehumidified warehouses (metal boxes can sweat with changes in humidity). When the portable storage unit is out of our warehouse for loading or unloading, it is covered with a heavy-duty, waterproof cover to protect your belongings.