Things To Know Before Moving to Florida

Florida is a unique, exciting, and extraordinary state; there’s no denying it. We’ve got perks aplenty, from our fantastic Atlantic and Gulf Coast beaches to our wonderful weather, generous tax breaks, and more. That’s why thousands of people move here each year and why millions more come to visit the Sunshine State. There’s a lot to know before moving to Florida! We have quite a reputation, read on so you don’t regret moving to Florida.

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As inviting as Florida might be, though, you can always find people who, sadly, regret moving to Florida. Many come from further north, where things are done much differently. Some can’t take the heat and humidity, while others miss the snow and change of seasons.

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The more you know now, the less you’ll regret about moving to Florida later.

We gathered the most important things to know before moving to Florida below. If you’re considering a move to the Sunshine State, read on. Hopefully, when you’re finished, you’ll never say you regret moving to Florida but, instead, that you love it here!

Moving to Florida Means You Won’t Have All 4 Seasons

One of the most significant differences between Florida and many other states is the lack of seasons. More specifically, the lack of a change of seasons. Unlike, say, Maine, where the change from summer to fall is spectacular, in Florida, you’ll hardly notice the difference.

Florida might get slightly cold-ish for a few days in winter, but that’s about it. The trees don’t lose their leaves (they don’t have any), and as for snow, it’s practically nonexistent here. In short, be prepared to miss the change of seasons and forget about snow-skiing. That being said, get pumped for year-round sunny, warm, and pleasant weather! (You’ll be laughing at your friends up north the next time they’re snowed in!)

Moving to Flordia Means You Won’t Be Landlocked

If you come from a landlocked state, Florida is going to be a big awakening! We have nearly the most coastline in the United States, second only to Alaska! That’s 1350 miles or 2170 km of gorgeous, sundrenched beaches and coastline. Indeed, except for Florida’s northern border, the three others are on the coast!

That’s perfect if you’re a person who loves the beach, the water, and everything it gives. Our sensational coast is one of Florida’s biggest draws, from fishing to skiing, surfing, diving, and long walks on the beach. The boating and surfing lifestyles are prominent here, and the seafood is to die for! If that’s not something you’re used to, prepare to be pleasantly surprised every day in Florida.

Things to Know Before Moving to Florida regret

Northern States Don’t Typically See Hurricanes

One big drawback and thing to know before moving to Florida is that, occasionally, we’ll get hammered by a hurricane. It’s not every week or month, thank goodness, or even every year. But, truth be told, some years are pretty bad and can make people regret moving to Florida. The east coast usually gets the worst of them, although the Gulf Coast gets clobbered every few years also.

In states like New York, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and others, they don’t even know what a hurricane looks like. Sure, the northeast coast gets hit sometimes, but that’s once every decade or less. In other words, while Florida has its perks and amenities, hurricanes aren’t one of them. Our advice; make sure you have good flood insurance, just in case.

Moving to Florida Means You’ll Get Excellent Seafood

One of the biggest benefits of having so much coastline is that Floridians eat tons of fresh seafood! In practically every Florida city and suburb, the seafood choices are stunning. That’s because fishers bring them in daily, straight from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico! Not surprisingly, Florida is one of the top 12 states in the United States for fresh seafood production. Indeed, 84% of the country’s supply of several different fish comes from our waters. That includes pompano, stone crab, grouper, spiny lobsters, and mullet, along with Spanish mackerel and pink shrimp.

Taxes in Florida are Better than Many Northern States

Know that moving to Florida is a financial dream for many with no state, investment, or inheritance taxes and low property taxes. Not having to pay state taxes on your earnings can leave a lot more in your bank account. There’s a good reason to not regret moving to Florida! That’s especially true compared to some northern states like New York, where state taxes are high. For retirees, low property taxes and no taxes on investments and inheritances are also a big boon. Throw in the fact that the cost of living is quite affordable, and Florida is a genuine financial winner.

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