Living in Tampa, FL Cost Breakdown

Moving to Tampa, FL means you’ll want to know all about the cost of living here. There’s no doubt Tampa, FL is a beautiful city. Situated on the central Gulf Coast, Tampa has gorgeous weather and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Their economy is always doing well, and they’ve got some of the best beaches in the United States, bar none. You’ve also got fresh seafood options daily and rocking nightlife nightly. In short, there’s a lot to like about Tampa, so let’s learn more about the cost of living here! You’ll want to know how much you’ll spend on a home, for example, your healthcare and more. If that sounds like the kind of detailed info you need about Tampa today, read on!

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The Overall Cost of Living in Tampa, FL: Affordable

Considering it’s on the enticing Gulf Coast and offers amenities, beaches, great weather, and more, Tampa isn’t expensive. Indeed, it’s perfectly average, with only two costs above the national average. (More on those in just a bit.) That’s good news for folks who want to live on the coast but not pay a fortune to do it.

Also, compared to the 80% higher in San Diego or 70% higher in New York, Tampa is indeed affordable. By the way, many folks here rent Tampa storage units to store their boats, boating gear, and other recreation equipment. Boating is very popular here, but many folks don’t live right on the water. For them, a storage unit is the best choice for a boating enthusiast.

Transportation Costs: Expensive

One index that surprised us was that Tampa’s transportation costs are the highest of the major indices. It’s not insane, but it does mean you’ll spend a bit more on your daily commute. Also, car repairs, gas, tolls, and other transportation costs will be slightly higher. One bit of good news is that commuting time in Tampa is 24 minutes one way. That’s three minutes less than the national average, a few extra minutes each week to prepare for your day. By the way, nearly 9% of workers here take mass transit, keeping Tampa’s roads a little less crowded.

Living in Tampa, FL Cost Breakdown

Groceries While Living in Tampa: Expensive

You can’t live anywhere without taking into account the cost to purchase groceries and feed your family. In Tamps, there’s good news and bad news on that front. The bad news is that groceries here cost about 5% more than the national average. The good news? Florida is known for fresh fruit and vegetables all year, and many can be purchased for incredibly affordable prices. Even better, fresh fish and seafood come in off the Gulf Coast every day. You can find deals on fresh seafood all the time in Tampa!

Living in Tampa Housing Costs: Affordable

One big reason the cost of living in Tampa, FL, is affordable is housing. At 94/100, you’ll pay 6% less than the rest of the country for a new home. Rentals are less here also, although the price depends on how close you are to the Gulf and beaches. The median home cost in Tampa, which is $219,000, is over $10,000 less than the national average. Compared to Los Angeles, New York, and even Atlanta, we’re surprisingly affordable, house-wise.

Living in Tampa, FL Cost Breakdown

Healthcare and Pharmacy Costs: Affordable

One of the most significant expenses for many folks, especially young families and seniors, is healthcare. Indeed, depending on your health, age, and family status, healthcare can eat up a considerable chunk of your paycheck. That chunk will be slightly less in Tampa, though, as our healthcare costs are 2% less than the national average. Yes, that’s not a significant percentage, but it’s certainly better than paying more. Also, Tampa has some of the finest hospitals in the country and gets high healthcare scores overall. In short, healthcare costs aren’t all that bad in Tampa.

Miscellaneous Items and Activities: Affordable

When buying clothing, paying for renters insurance, or going to the salon, you’ll pay slightly less in Tampa. That’s because we’re about 5% less than the national average for miscellaneous costs. It’s not a lot less, but, as with all costs, it’s certainly better than paying above the average.

Living in Tampa, FL Cost Breakdown

Utilities While Living in Tampa: Affordable

Keeping the lights on, the gas burning, and the water flowing is vital no matter where you live. In Tampa, you’ll spend almost 5% less on those and other utilities. That’s a good thing, too, because you’ll need the AC running for at least half the year when you live here. (If you haven’t heard, it gets blazing hot here on many Summer days.) It gets hot enough that, when people rent a Tampa storage unit, they often get one that’s temperature controlled. That way, their things stay safe from the heat while stored.

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The good news about the cost of living in Tampa, FL, is that it’s perfectly average. No, it’s not the cheapest city in the U.S. But, when you consider all the amenities Tampa offers, the cost of living here is very fair indeed. We hope you enjoy everything Tampa has to offer. We think you’ll find it’s one of the best cities in Florida! Want to know more? Check out these other articles about Tampa, FL.