Fun Things To Do in Bradenton FL

A Complete Guide to the Most Fun Things To Do in Bradenton, FL

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Bradenton, FL, is like a theme park for big kids, a sun-drenched paradise on the Gulf coast. The beaches here are sensational, the Gulf is grand, and the fun never stops. There’s more than the beach, though, to keep you and the family happy and satisfied. We’ve got more outdoor and indoor activities than even our residents realize! To help you find and enjoy them, we put together this handy article listing all the FUN things to do in Bradenton, FL. If Bradenton is on your radar, read on to find out more, and enjoy your visit thoroughly!

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Snorkel, Swim, and See Dolphins Up Close

The water here on the Gulf Coast is, in a word, heavenly. It’s a stunningly clear, turquoise blue that makes it perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Plus, there are bottle-nose dolphins everywhere, and they appear out of nowhere regularly. For adults and kids alike, it’s a real thrill and an unforgettable experience. The #1 dolphin and snorkeling tour in Bradenton? That would be Coastline Dolphin & Snorkeling Excursions. They get the best ratings and reviews from their customers, who rave about the 2-hour trip!

fun things to do in bradenton fl

Fun Things to Do in Bradenton, FL: Coastline Dolphin & Snorkeling Excursions

Safe Harbor Pier 77
12312 Manatee Ave. 
Bradenton, FL 34209

Phone: (914) 201-8429
Website / Facebook

Indulge Your Artsy Side at Village of the Arts

Do you like artsy little neighborhoods with quaint shops and studios? If yes, you’ll adore Village of the Arts on 12th Avenue West. It’s the perfect blend of Bohemian lifestyle, window shopping, and relaxation! That’s why it made our list of pros on our Pros and Cons of Living in Bradenton, FL article. You can stroll around aimlessly, taking in the sights, or sit yourself down for some java in a charming coffee shop. With over 30 acres to see, hear, and experience, you could easily spend the day here! It’s one of the best things to do in Bradenton on a date or with the entire family. A treat for all the senses, indeed!

Fun Things to Do in Bradenton, FL: Village of the Arts

Address: 1017 12th Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205
Website / Facebook

Hike, Fish, Swim, and Boat in Little Manatee State Park

Formed in the late 1960s, Little Manatee River State Park is a Bradenton treasure! You can do practically everything here (besides walk on a beach), including fishing, swimming, and boating. Want to hike around and see all the local flora and fauna? You can do that too, and see all sorts of birds, turtles, snakes, and alligators! Like almost every attraction here, there are also free showers and bathroom facilities. (Take that, New Jersey shore where nothing is free!) The park is about 15 miles outside of Bradenton, so it’s close. You and your entire family will love it, we guarantee!

Fun Things to Do in Bradenton, FL: Little Manatee River State Park

Address: 215 Lightfoot Rd.
Wimauma, FL 33598
Phone: (813) 671-5005
Website / Facebook

See the Beach from the Back of a Horse

Walking on the beach in Bradenton is, by any measure, a lot of fun. Are you riding on the beach on a magnificent horse? That ramps the excitement and fun up to a whole new level! Riding horses is a fun activity no matter where you ride, but riding on the beach is the best! Even better, the horses can go into the water! Many of the horses used on these excursions are rescues, too (which we think is fabulous). They’re all mature and calm, so practically anyone can ride them. If you’re looking for one of the most relaxing and exciting things to do in Bradenton, you’ve found it! 

Fun things to do in Bradenton, FL

Fun Things to Do in Bradenton, FL: Florida Beach Horses

Address: 8400 Manatee Ave., West
Bradenton, FL 34209
Phone: (941) 527-9621
Website / Facebook

Enjoy our Fabulous Beaches

All of the above activities are awesome, exciting, and fun, no doubt. The thing is, Bradenton offers one excellent amenity that’s enjoyable and free; beaches! Bradenton’s beaches are the main reason to visit our small-ish city! They’re free for everyone, including parking! You can access almost every beach in the entire area without paying a dime. They all have bathroom and shower facilities, too, again free of charge. (Folks from further north will tell you that’s, sadly, unheard of in their neck of the woods.) Indeed, the beaches here are one of the biggest Pros of living in Bradenton. (See the rest of the Pros, and a few Cons, here!)

Go Green in Palma Sola Botanical Park

Bradenton, and Florida in general, is famous for fantastic flora and fauna. At Palma Sola Botanical Park, our flora and fauna are on full display! From lovely, flowering trees to the butterfly garden, there’s so much to see and enjoy! Even better, they host special events all the time! You can get married here surrounded by nature or take an exciting and informative workshop. There’s a playground for the kids, three lovely lakes, and a superb Galleria! If you like learning about nature and experiencing the best of it, this park is for you!

Fun Things to Do in Bradenton, FL: Palma Sola Botanical Park

Address: 9800 17th Ave NW
Bradenton, FL 34209
Phone: (941) 761-2866
Website / Facebook

Fly Through the Bradenton Air With the Greatest of Ease

Bradenton always gets the most excellent new toys, and, recently, that’s the fantastic flyboard. What’s a flyboard? It’s a new type of board that’s propelled through the air by water jets! (Think of it like a jetpack you wear over the water.) Yes, it’s an extreme sport. Yes, it’s slightly risky. No, it’s not for the smallest kids in your family. Flyboarding is incredibly thrilling! You can fly up to 50 feet in the air and use the flyboard to dive underwater, too! Experts say that most people can learn to use a flyboard in less than 10 minutes! As far as things to do in Bradenton, FL, flyboarding is one of the most exciting!

Fun things to do in Bradenton

Fun Things to Do in Bradenton, FL: Top Gun Flyboards

9715 Manatee Ave. W
Bradenton, FL 34209
Phone: (941) 565-1727

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed this article and the activities we’ve introduced! We hope you enjoy everything bountiful Bradenton has to offer!