Moving to Florida From NJ: Everything You Need To Know

Are you making a move to Florida from New Jersey? If yes, we understand. New Jersey is a great state, don’t get us wrong, but Florida offers so much more! More sunny days, for example, and a much lower cost of living, just for starters. The change from the Garden State to the Sunshine State is a big one. That’s why we put together this data for you, to make your move smoother and less stressful. If you’re headed down to colorful Florida from costly New Jersey, read on! We’ve got the important stuff you need to know!

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The Weather in Florida Is Warm Much Longer Than in NJ

The most significant change for most people when moving to Florida from NJ is the weather. Now, sure, New Jersey has some excellent weather, especially from May through September. However, the winters here are long and cold, sometimes frigid. Snow is a constant factor also, especially the closer you are to New York City.

In Florida, snow is a four-letter word that you won’t need to say, let alone see. There are twice as many sunny days, at least, and winter is almost nonexistent. One thing to beware of is the fact that the sunshine here is also a bit different. We’re closer to the equator, so it’s much more potent, which isn’t a problem unless you forget the sunscreen. If you do, though, you’ll get sunburned much more quickly. Besides that, however, the weather in Florida is a big step up from New Jersey. Instead of just three or four months, you’ll spend almost the entire year outdoors!

Moving to Florida From NJ: Everything You Need To Know

The State of Florida Is Much Flatter Than New Jersey

Unless you live on the New Jersey Coast, much of the state is hilly, at least. Other parts, especially in northern NJ, are mountainous and great for snow skiing. In Florida, however, there’s not a mountain or hill in sight. Something to know when moving to Florida from NJ is the Sunshine State is one of the flattest in the country and right at sea level too. You can drive for hundreds of miles without an incline to speak of, but plenty of palm trees to see. Is Florida suitable for skiing? Sure it is, but the type of skiing we do here is on the water!

Humidity in Florida Can Be a Bit of a Problem

If there’s one thing Florida has but doesn’t need, it’s humidity. Lots and lots of humidity, actually, for a substantial part of the year. Yes, New Jersey gets some humidity, for about six weeks in July and August. But Floridians deal with humidity for about eight months, sometimes more. It seems to permeate everything and creates a haze that’s hard to miss, especially in the morning. If you’re working in professional clothing, all the humidity can be very frustrating. It wrinkles clothes, ruins your hair, and, if you tend to sweat a lot, can be a nightmare.

If you work in comfy clothes and shoes, it’s tolerable, especially near the beach where there’s always a breeze. But make no mistake, it can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re outdoors a lot. In short, the humidity will take some getting used to (and the occasional change of clothes).

Moving to Florida From NJ: Everything You Need To Know

Taxes Are Cheaper Moving to Florida From NJ

When you’re moving to Florida from NJ, you probably want to know about the differences in the taxes each state charges. That’s especially true if you’re retired and on a fixed income, although young families should see this information too. Below are some of the significant tax differences between the Sunshine State and Garden State:

State Income Tax

One huge difference between New Jersey and Florida is that there’s no state income tax in Florida. For people accustomed to losing lots of hard-earned money to New Jersey’s high state taxes, it’s quite a financial relief.

Property Tax

In New Jersey, property taxes average nearly 2% on the assessed value of your home, one of the highest in the country. Florida, on average, has a property tax of 0.97%, which is 50% lower.

Sales Taxes

New Jersey is unique in that the sales tax is 6.625% state-wide. That means, no matter where you shop in the state, the sales taxes are the same. When moving to Florida from NJ know that sales tax may seem better at 6%, but that’s their base rate. Local municipalities have the right to tack on extra, up to 8%. For example, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Pensacola all charge 7.5%, as do another 99 Florida cities. It might not seem like much, but it can add up over a year’s worth of shopping.

Investment Tax

Florida doesn’t tax any income earned from investments like stocks and bonds. New Jersey, on the other hand, charges income tax on any income you earned from them. That’s a big difference at retirement time, no doubt.

Inheritance Tax

Interestingly, Florida and New Jersey are similar in that both have no estate taxes and inheritance taxes. Yes, you might get charged federal estate taxes, but only if those assets are above $11.4 million. Otherwise, anything you inherit in either state is not taxable.

The Cost of Living in Florida is Less Expensive Than NJ

Compared to New Jersey, Florida is far more economical when it comes to living expenses. With cheaper housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation, and no state income taxes, the cost to live here is quite reasonable. In New Jersey, it’s the opposite and, in many areas, entirely unreasonable. For example, Jersey City, New Jersey, has a cost-of-living of 147/100. Tampa, Florida, on the other hand, is 100/100, nearly 50% lower!

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Don’t Forget to Rent a Storage Unit

Here at Hide-Away Storage, we know Florida and love all the perks of living here. If you’re moving to Florida from NJ, we recommend you rent a storage unit here in The Sunshine State. That way, when you arrive, you can store your stuff and take your time searching for your new home. It’s an economical solution that can lead to finding your dream home and community, too!

All of our storage units in Florida are safe, clean, and affordable. Many are temperature-controlled also to protect your things from the heat and humidity. If you have questions, you can chat online with a manager anytime. Even better, come to your local HideAway storage facility and say hello. The on-site manager can answer all your questions and show you the different storage unit sizes we offer. Until then, have a safe move from Florida to NJ! Best of luck finding your perfect place in the Florida sun!

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