The Best Boat Rentals in Bradenton, Florida

One of the best reasons to live in Florida is, of course, the many opportunities to go boating. Bradenton is no exception, with bay, beaches, and boating opportunities galore. That’s why you’ll find plenty of boat rental companies here, renting boats of all kinds. From small ‘duck’ boats to jet-skis, kayaks, and ski boats, you’ll find boat rentals in Bradenton, FL abound. To help you find them faster, we’ve put together this list of the best. If getting out on the water and having a blast in Bradenton is your goal, read on!

 boat rental bradenton fl

Notes About Renting Boats in Bradenton

No matter where you rent a boat in Bradenton, FL, there are a few things that are the same everywhere you go. They include:

  • Paying a Security Deposit Up Front- This is similar to renting a car and is usually $300.00. When you return the boat in perfect condition, you get your deposit back, of course.
  • Your Driver’s License. You can’t rent a boat without one.
  • If you were born AFTER Jan 1, 1988, you’ll need a Boating Safety ID Card.
  • Gas is NOT included in the price of the boat rental.
  • A fishing license if you plan to fish
  • You need to bring your own food, snacks, and water.
  • You need to bring your own (fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, crabbing) gear in most cases.

Bradenton Boat Rental, LLC

One of the smaller boat rental companies in the area, Bradenton Boat Rentals, LLC, mainly rents deck boats with fiberglass bottoms. (The reason they don’t rent pontoon boats is deck boats are more stable on the water.) Their main boat is the 24-foot Hurrican Sundeck, which seats 10 people comfortably. It’s a pleasure boat made for spending the day on the water with family. (Specifically NOT for fishing!)

The cost to rent this excellent, fully-equipped boat for an entire day (8 hours) is $375.00. For half a day (4 hours), the cost is $250,00

Bradenton Boat Rental, LLC
6920 US 41 Bradenton Florida 34207

Sunset Boat Rentals

Sunset Boat Rentals, about 5 minutes from Bradenton in Palmetto, FL, has a wide variety of boats for rent. They also rent them for 1/2 days, full-days, and several days, depending on your needs. (They offer boat tours, too, if you’re new to the area.) You can rent pontoon boats, deck boats, and skiffs for practically any water-based activity. That includes boating, fishing, skiing, wakeboarding, and practically anything else you can do on the water!

Prices at Sunset Boat Rentals depend on the boat you choose and the length of time you wish to rent it. For example, you can rent a 24-foot pontoon boat for $299.00 for a half-day or rent it for an entire week for $2653.00. Again, they have several boats to choose from, with slightly different prices for each.

Sunset Boat Rentals
1005 Riverside Dr., Palmetto, FL 34221
(941) 202-0862

 boat rental bradenton fl

Manatee Marine Rentals

Voting is, no question, a lot of fun for the entire family! The problem, however, is that many people don’t know how to handle a boat. Frankly, it’s quite a bit different from a car and can be slightly risky if you’re not experienced. If you don’t know your way around the waters here in Bradington, that can be problematic as well.

At Manatee Marine Rentals, they realize these problems and, to avoid them, they bring a boat right to you! They will deliver a boat for the day to your dock, and, even better, the captain stays on board! That way, you and your family can fully enjoy your day with someone experienced at the wheel. (You can also drink adult beverages if you like, a big plus for some.)

Amazingly, their prices aren’t much higher than renting a boat without a captain. You can rent one of their 21-foot fishing boats, for example, for $35.00 for 3 hours or $450.00 for 5 hours. Again, that’s with the captain, a 10-year Coast Guard veteran, driving you around all day! If you don’t have a dock, you can meet the captain at one close to your Bradenton home. Plus, you can schedule a boating day with minimal lead-time needed.

Manatee Marine Rentals
(941) 567-7843

H2O Watersportz

Are you looking for jet-ski rentals in Bradenton? H2O Watersportz has them, as well as a center console and pontoon boats. Like many boat rental companies in Bradenton, they also have guided boat tours. They also claim to be the only boat rental company in the area that allows unlimited riding without a guide. That includes the largest riding area from the Gulf to the Bay. (It’s total freedom but you still need to know your way around the waters, naturally.)

You can rent one of their Yamaha Waverunner jet-skis (one of the best brands) on an hourly basis. It can hold three people and comes with all safety gear included. Prices start at $105 per hour, which is about par for the course, price-wise. Like most boat rental companies in Bradenton, you can also rent a pontoon or center console boat for half a day or a full day.

H2O Watersportz
4110 1 127th St. W.
Cortez, FL 34215
(941) 538-4290

Highly-Reviewed Boat Rental Companies in Bradenton

  • Lance Boat Rentals – (941) 266-3774
  • Bradenton Beach Boat Rental- (941) 778-4969
  • Cannons Marina- (941) 383-1311
  • Cortez Donut Boat Rental – (941) 524-5721
  • Suntex Boat Club- (941) 266-8499
 boat rental bradenton fl

Buying a Boat? Store it in a Bradenton Storage Unit!

If you love the boating lifestyle (and who doesn’t), you might consider purchasing your own boat. Of course, if you don’t live directly on the water, you’ll need to store it somewhere. Most Bradenton HOAs do not allow boats in your driveway. In that case, renting a storage space or parking space at a local self-storage location works best.

Hide-Away Storage has storage locations in Bradenton that are perfect for boats. (That means you can pull them with your car or truck in a trailer.) We even offer specific boat storage! Our locations are secure, with 24/7 video cameras and on-site managers watching the place at all times.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best boat rental companies in Bradenton. Whether you rent or end up buying a boat, we wish you all the fun, joy, and good times boating in Florida brings!

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