Living in Bradenton vs Sarasota: Who Wins?

Debating living in Bradenton vs Sarasota, FL? Which city get a better overall score?

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Moving to Florida’s Gulf Coast? If yes, you’re probably trying to figure out which city is best, Bradenton or Sarasota? Without living in either city, how can you know which is “better” for you and your family’s needs? The easy way is to keep reading! That’s because, at Hide-Away Self Storage, we put together this article to help you! If knowing the differences between living in Bradenton vs. Sarasota is your goal, read on!

Houses are $20,000 Cheaper in Bradenton vs Sarasota

The median home cost average in the United States is $231,000. Bradenton and Sarasota are both higher, but not by much. However, one difference is that the median home price in Bradenton is about $20,000 less than Sarasota’s price. Bradenton is $242,000, while Sarasota is $264,000. (We rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.) $20,000 is nothing to sneeze at, of course, but it isn’t a huge difference, either. Still, it is something to keep in mind before you make your final choice. Many folks in both Sarasota and Bradenton rent storage units to save space at home, by the way. They use storage units for their boating and fishing gear, RVs, antiques, supplies, and much more.

Living in Bradenton vs Sarasota

Renting is 10% Cheaper Living in Bradenton vs Sarasota

While it isn’t a huge difference, renting a house in Bradenton is 10% less than in Sarasota. Bradenton gets a score of 105/100, while Sarasota receives a score of 114/100. Both of those scores are higher than the national average, which isn’t surprising. (The Gulf Coast can be an expensive place to live.) The extra 10% more in Sarasota, though, is a big negative. That’s especially true when you consider that it’s within commuting distance of Bradenton. The question; what’s more important, having a bigger home or spending less time commuting?

The Same Economies Living in Bradenton vs Sarasota

There’s little difference between Sarasota and Bradenton when it comes to the economy. Sarasota, for example, has an unemployment rate of 3.2% compared to 3.6% in Bradenton. Both have the same expected future job growth and have recently seen the job market increase by about 2.5%. Income tax (0%) and sales tax (7%) are both equal, also. In short, living in Bradenton vs. Sarasota is no different when it comes to the economy.

The Cost of Living is Lower in Bradenton vs Sarasota

With a score of 100/100, Bradenton beats Sarasota by a measly 3 points. (They get a score of 103/100.) That’s not enough to take up too much of your time today. Suffice to say that, give or take a few dollars, the cost to live in either city is equal. Living in Bradenton vs. Sarasota? The cost difference is negligible at best. Moving on!

Sarasota Beats Bradenton for Public Schools

Being a young parent means making sure your children get the best education. If that’s the main criteria you’re using to choose between these two cities, Sarasota wins. They get a perfect A+ grade for schools, which is phenomenal. Bradenton is no slacker, however, with a grade of B-. Every student will tell you that a B- isn’t as good as an A+! One difference is that Bradenton has 44 public schools as opposed to Sarasota’s 32, a dozen more. Still, that extra dozen doesn’t erase the fact that Sarasota has 18 A-rated schools compared to Bradenton’s 3.

Living in Bradenton vs Sarasota

Commute Times are Better in Sarasota vs Bradenton

If you commute to work but want to spend less time doing it, Sarasota is the better choice. They have a commute time of 20.4 minutes compared to Bradenton’s commute time of 24.6 minutes. That’s over 4 minutes, which can make a slight difference in your daily ride to the office. By the way, the national average for commuting time is 26.4 minutes. That means both Sarasota and Bradenton are below the national average, which is always a good thing.

Crime & Safety are Equal in Both Cities

In both of these top-rated Gulf Coast cities, you’ll find moderate amounts of crime. Sarasota and Bradenton both get a C, which isn’t great but isn’t a disaster, either. Bradenton, surprisingly, has more assaults than Sarasota. Burglaries, on the other hand, are lower, as is theft and motor vehicle theft. Other violent and property crimes are more or less the national average. The difference living in Bradenton vs. Sarasota for crime and safety? The statistics say they’re more or less equal.

Healthcare Costs are Lower in Bradenton vs Sarasota

It’s not a huge difference, but Bradenton’s score of 91/100 beats Sarasota’s score of 99/100 handily. If you or a loved one have ongoing health issues, an extra 8% savings can be a big deal. Water quality in Bradenton is also better than in Sarasota, although the air quality is equal in both. (63/100 compared to the national average of 58/100.) Both have a Superfund rating of 98/100, meaning the Federal government is busy helping clean up our messes.

The difference between living in Bradenton vs. Sarasota? Frankly, it’s not that big. Schools are the most significant difference, with Sarasota, the big winner. The rest, though, are all more or less equal.

Here at Hide-Away, we’re proud to serve both beautiful cities. If you need a Bradenton or Sarasota storage unit, we can help! Our facilities are clean, safe, and affordable. If you have questions, you can chat online with a friendly manager and ask away! Until then, whichever city you choose, we wish you all the best!