Raising a Baby in a One Bedroom Apartment

Fun story, my sister just had a kid. Well I guess that’s not true, cause Aya is about 4 months now; also, that isn’t much of a story. More of a fact if I am going to be honest here. Anyway, the important thing I am trying to get at is that my sister had a kid, and I am going to utilize my niece’s adorable face to transition a quick guide on how to handle raising a baby in a one-bedroom apartment.


Nursery Set up

Spoiler. You can’t have a dedicated nursery room. On one hand this is great, because it could mean no baby monitor. On the other hand, it means that your bedroom is going to take a size hit, now having a crib, diaper genie, and a whole slew of other baby stuff. A couple of things will make your life easier, like floating shelves and foldaway tables. Try to find furniture that can be stowed and out of the way when not in use, or otherwise furniture that have multiple uses.


Storage Unit

Honestly? You should have done this before the baby anyway, because baby stuff takes up a lot of space. Sister just came for a week-long visit, and no joke had no fewer than four bags of just baby stuff, and that isn’t including strollers and toys. Given that your space is at a greater premium, it might be time to consider getting a storage unit. There is no need to throw everything away, just need to make a bit more room for your child.


Vertical Storage

Really though, the only long run way to handle everything for baby needs is going to be through stackable storage solutions, cabinets. Use all of that space that is just floating out there not helping anyone with their storage needs because it is at or above eye-level. Something my sister did that I really like was hanging baskets from the ceiling and putting toys in there. Not only does that keep things out of reach during play, it also automatically reminds her to clean up the toys. No late-night stepping on hard teething toys for her.


Cute Baby

When I say be a giant, what I really mean is get mini furniture. If you need a rocking chair, get a tiny one that won’t take up a whole world of space. If you need a crib error on the side of mini cribs – a new sensation that is sweeping the nation. The down side to the crib is that it won’t transition to toddler bed. That, however, is a bridge that we will cross once Aya starts to walk. Should be pretty soon I think.


Bedroom set up for baby

It is important that the nursery feels like a nursery. Now more so than when there is a devoted room. It would be well worth your while to repaint a portion of your room to be a bit more nursery friendly. That can mean just having a nice vibrant corner of your room. You don’t need to redo the entire space, but it should be distinct enough to cue off the thought, “oh I am in the nursery now.”


Having a baby is hard work, and that is true in the best of times. When space is coming at a premium, it only gets harder than is really necessary if you go in without a plan. Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine. If you find you need a little bit more space, come down to Hide-Away Storage, and we will help you out!

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