Best Winter Beaches in Florida

Looking for the best winter beaches in Florida? If there’s one thing about Florida that everyone loves, it’s sunshine! That’s definitely true for St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Bradenton! If you’re stuck ‘up north’ but looking to come down to Florida for the winter, we’ve got a treat for you! Here’s a list of all the best beaches to visit during the winter.  

The best beaches in St. Petersburg! The best beaches in Bradenton! The best beaches in, well, you get the idea! Plus, we’ll take a look at winter rentals in Florida for some tips on how to make some money. If dipping your feet in the ocean sounds delightful, keep reading! 

Aerial view of Coquina Beach

Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota

One of the most popular beaches in the Sarasota-Manatee area, Siesta Beach is a true gem. In fact, it’s considered one of the best beaches in the United States! With wonderful, pure quartz sand that’s super soft, it also stays cool even on the hottest days! You’ll also find a beautiful pavilion with snack shops, souvenirs, and beach gear. 

Venice Beach in Venice

Venice Beach has something for everyone. However, one of the biggest draws is the fact that it’s easy to find shark teeth here! It’s so easy, in fact, that Venice Beach has a Shark Tooth Festival every year! Into diving and snorkeling? About a quarter-mile off of Venice Beach is a  picturesque coral reef! If you’re lucky, some bottlenose dolphins will come out to play! Venice Beach offers plenty of concession stands and picnic areas. (Rain storms rumble through here during winter all the time. But don’t worry, they pass by very quickly, and the sun comes right back out!)

Coquina Beach in Bradenton

One of the best winter beaches in Florida is Coquina Beach. This beach offers a grove of Australian pines for some great shade. You can take a break from the sun and have a nice picnic with the family. Another thing that sets Florida beaches apart is the fact that you can imbibe alcohol on the beach. The Coquina Beach Cafe serves beer and wine as well as comfort food and other cold drinks. Cocktails while dipping your toes in the Gulf of Mexico? Yes, please! Also, like all other beaches down here, there’s plenty of free parking. On our list of the best beaches in Florida, Coquina Beach is definitely up there!

Lido Key Beach in Venice

Another one of the best beaches in Florida is Lido Key Beah. With gorgeous sand-like Siesta Key beach, Lido Key Beach is an excellent place to visit. They also offer a public swimming pool, which you won’t find at many beaches down here. Plus, if you want to get out on the water you can rent a kayak and explore the nearby mangrove tunnels! It’s a fantastic and adventurous way to spend the afternoon! Need a little break from the surf and sand? Lido Key Beach also offers plenty of walking paths that are relaxing and tranquil.

Brohard Beach in Sarasota

Coming down to Florida’s best beaches for a few weeks? If yes, there’s a good chance you’ll want to take your furry friend with you. If so, Brohard Beach is a great destination! It’s 84 acres of dog-friendly fun in the sun! You and your dog can explore the beach and splash around in the surf to your heart’s content! There’s also a beautiful wetland area for birdwatchers and fishermen. You’ll be glad to know they also offer fountains and showers for both you and your pooch. Plus, everything else you could want when visiting the beach with your canine. If the best winter beaches in Florida mean beaches where dogs can roam freely, Brohard Beach is #1!

Winter Rentals Sarasota, Florida

A lot of people looking to get away to Florida in winter rent their Northern home on Airbnb. When they do, some people store more valuable items in self-storage for safety. If you’re looking to come down for an extended period, a storage unit is a great idea

Whatever you decide to do this winter, we hope this list of the best winter beaches in Florida has helped. There are so many wonderful beaches down here that it might be a little bit hard to choose! Best of luck finding your fave beach!