Volunteer Tampa: Teens & College Students

Looking for places to Volunteer, Tampa? Look no further! There are tons of volunteer opportunities in Tampa waiting for you.

Living in Tampa, FL, is a dream for millions of people. The weather is spectacular, the seafood is delicious, and the activities are non-stop. Tampa has beautiful beaches, and the Gulf of Mexico is simply breathtaking. Plus, we’re close to some of the best entertainment properties on the planet. (Disney World, anyone?) Like most American cities, however, Tampa isn’t perfect. Many people here need food, shelter, and necessities. Luckily, there are a wide variety of organizations and charities here.

If you’re in Tampa and looking to volunteer, great! Many nonprofits and charities will gladly accept your time, energy, and skills. If you’re a teenager and want to volunteer, this article is especially for you! We’ve put together a list of the top organizations where teens and college students can volunteer in Tampa! We’re sure you’ll find a volunteer job to suit you! (Don’t worry, there are many to go around.) So if you’re young, caring, and looking to volunteer, read on! We’ve got the best volunteer opportunities in Tampa below, and they’re all waiting to hear from you!

Volunteer for Kids That Do Good

What could be better than volunteering as a teenager or college student? Creating a volunteer organization as a teenager, that’s what! Brothers Max and Jake did just that when they started Kids That Do Good. Their goal is to find charities, events, and organizations where teenagers and college students can volunteer. (They looked for a long time and didn’t find any, so they started their organization. How cool is that?!.) What their group does is help teens find volunteer opportunities. You can find volunteer opportunities based on your age, location, and skills. If you’re not sure what organization needs your help, contact Kids That Do Good. They’ll point you in the right direction!

Kids That Do Good

Contact: info@kidsthatdogood.com

Website / Facebook

Volunteer for Tampa Bay Watch

Being on the coast of Florida means excellent weather and beaches. It also means the occasional devastating storm and the aftermath of those storms. As a youth volunteer, you’ll help Tampa Bay Watch with restoration programs. That includes hands-on habitat restoration projects, which are excellent. Coastal cleanups and oyster dome construction is just a bit of what Tampa Bay Watch does. If you love living on the coast and want to help keep it beautiful, it’s a perfect volunteer match! You’ll spend your days outside surrounded by all the beauty that Tampa offers. You’ll also meet new friends and have the occasional close encounter with wildlife! It’s genuinely one of the best volunteer opportunities for teens and college students in Tampa and worth your time and effort.


Tampa Bay Watch

Contact: (727) 867-8166

Website / Facebook

Volunteer for Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Tampa is home to millions of wild animals species, and, at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, you’ll see many of them. As a volunteer, you’ll also help rescue them, rehabilitate them, and care for them. Plus, you’ll help others connect with wildlife on a deeper level, which is always excellent. If you’re 14 or older, they have quite a few volunteer opportunities waiting for you. That includes seasonal and special events like Wild Wonderland and ZooBoo Kids. (That’s where children get to see many of Tampa’s animal residents!) Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is also very much involved in conservation and animal care. They’re all about education that shows people how valuable wildlife truly is. 

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

Contact: (813) 935-8552

Website / Facebook

Volunteer for Thanksgiving with Feeding Tampa Bay

Have you ever heard the term “food insecure”? It means that someone, or a family, doesn’t have access to affordable, nutritious food. As you can imagine, being food insecure is not a lot of fun for anyone, especially children and families. That’s where Feeding Tampa Bay comes into the picture. As a part of the Feeding America network, they provide food to thousands of families.  Feeding Tampa Bay wouldn’t exist without volunteers. You’ll sort through food donations, stock pantry shelves, and help deliver food. They welcome individual teens, but they love it when schools and churches get together as a group. That’s especially true around Thanksgiving. Being able to help families during this time of year is very rewarding. If being a Tampa volunteer for Thanksgiving is your goal, volunteer for Feeding Tampa Bay!

Feeding Tampa Bay

Contact: (813) 254-1190

Website / Facebook 

Volunteer for Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Learning how to farm is a hands-on experience! At Sweetwater Organic Community Farm, you’ll have a hands-on experience! You’ll need to be at least 16 to do it on your own. If you’re under 16, though, you can still volunteer with one of your folks. Together, you’ll learn about organic farming, planting, weeding, and harvesting (the best part!). There are also volunteer opportunities to cook, photograph, sew, clean, and even teach. It’s an incredible experience no matter what your age, and you’ll see the fruits of your labor! It’s one of the best volunteer opportunities for teens and college students in Tampa!

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Contact: (813) 887-4066

Website / Facebook

More Volunteer Opportunities for Teens and College Students in Tampa

All of the organizations you’ve just read about are well worth your time and effort. There are, however, a few more that we want to mention. These “honorable mentions” are also deserving of your time and skills. They include: 

  • American Red Cross / www.redcross.org
  • Habitat For Humanity / www.habitat.org
  • The Humane Society / www.humanesociety.org
  • Key Club / www.keyclub.org
  • Meals On Wheels / www.mealsonwheelsamerica.org
  • Sierra Club / www.sierraclub.org
  • Best Buddies / www.bestbuddies.org

Thanks For Volunteering!

Hide-Away Storage is proud to be part of the Tampa community. Therefore, volunteering is near and dear to our hearts. So, get out there and volunteer! The people and animals you’ll help will thank you! It takes a lot of compassion and kindness to volunteer, and you should feel terrific about that! Keep it up, and keep Tampa happy and healthy!