Under Stairs Closet Storage Ideas

Many folks have steps to another floor in their home with, you guessed it, a small-ish closet underneath. This space is usually wasted, though, because it’s smaller and (possibly) less convenient than a traditional closet. That’s a shame because any extra storage space you can reclaim and make useful can also make your life easier. Below are a few excellent under stairs closet storage ideas that can turn that extra space into something extraordinary.

Organizing Your Under Stairs Closet with a Storage Unit

First things first, if your under stairs closet is cluttered, clear it out. One way to accomplish a clean closet is to get a self-storage unit. There are sizes available for every need and price range, and at Hide-Away Storage there are no hidden fees, no contracts, and plenty of helpful people.

Organize Your Under Stairs Closet with Containers

One of the easiest ways to help organize your closet is to get storage containers. Before you run out to Target to go and get four or five of the same container, we’d stress color coordinating. Get a few different colors for a few different things. An example would be red for shoes and yellow for belts. Keeping things organized will dramatically open space in an otherwise crowded space. Like a real-life game of Tetris.

Add Shelves to Your Under Stairs Closet

Most under-the-stairs closets don’t have shelves or, for that matter, much of anything else. By adding shelves, though, you add a lot of extra storage options. With shelves in place, you can store a wide range of items, from toys and books to winter clothes and shoes. It’s the perfect way to turn that unused space into extra storage!

Permanent vs. Removable Shelving

This is a big choice if you’re thinking of placing shelves. Permanent shelves are, as their name suggests, permanent. Once they’re installed, they’re there to stay. A store-bought shelf unit or rack, on the other hand, can be taken with you when you move. If you’re, for example, renting a house, the latter might be your best bet.

Turn Your Under Stairs Closet Space Into a Pantry

Not enough room in your kitchen to store all your food and sundry items? That’s a problem many homeowners face, it’s true. But, if you have an under stairs closet, you can quickly turn it into a panty that you can stuff with foodstuffs. That’s especially true if the closet is close to your kitchen, of course. Either way, though, the extra storage will come in very handy, especially when the family’s hungry!

Under Stairs Closet Storage Ideas

Under Stairs Closet Storage Ideas: Store Shoes

The typical closet is used to store shoes, coats, and other types of clothing. The space in your under stairs closet can be used to do the same thing! Many people use the space to store seasonal clothing like winter boots, jackets, hats, and gloves. In summer, you can do the opposite and keep your summer clothing there. Depending on the size of the door, you can also hang a shoe rack on the back. It is the perfect way to reduce clutter from seasonal clothing in your regular closets!

Make a Library or Book Nook

If you have children, you can turn the under stairs closet into a small library. Not only is it perfect for this type of use, but it will also encourage your children to read! Plus, it will give them a place to read in peace. One excellent suggestion is to make it comfortable with some throw pillows and blankets or children’s chairs. That way, it will be more inviting, and your children (and maybe you, too) will want to use the space more often. You could even hang a cute sign with ‘Mary’s Library’ or something else to that effect! That way, you’ll make reading more fun!

Under Stairs Closet Storage Ideas: Wine

One of the best under stairs closet storage ideas is to create a wine storage area if you love wine. Not only will it serve as a perfect wine storage solution, but your wine will remain undisturbed until it’s ready to be uncorked. If there’s enough room, you might even consider purchasing a small wine refrigerator. Either way, you’ll have extra space for your reds and whites.

Under Stairs Closet Storage Ideas

Make a Play Area for the Kids

One last suggestion to get more use from your under stairs closet is to make it a play area for the kids. Kids love to have small places where they can play and hide, and this type of closet is perfect. Of course, one caveat is to make sure that any exposed nails, screws, or insulation is wholly covered. The last thing you want is for your little ones to get hurt while they’re playing and having fun.

Whether it’s a play place or a storage area, we hope we helped you turn your under stairs closet into something magical and functional. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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This post was originally published 9/17/2018.
It was updated 2/10/2021.