Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students

With the school year coming to an end, many high school students are looking forward to college, and many parents are looking for advice on how to handle all that comes with college-bound students. The truth is, as exciting as this life-changing event can be for students, for parents, it’s somewhat stressful. (We know. We’re the parents of college students, too!)  

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According to a study by NSA, half of all college students’ parents pay for their storage. That means many parents are helping their students move in and out of their dorms and college apartments. We’re writing this article specifically for parents who are helping their students start this transitional phase of life.

Help Your College-Bound Student Pick an Apartment

Knowing your child chose an apartment you found together can be comforting (especially when they’re there and you’re home). For example, you know what the neighborhood loos like, and maybe the neighbors, too. You can meet their roommates also, and make sure they’re near to a grocery store. (Trust us, it will save them time which they can use for studying) (hopefully). 

Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students: Plan Early

After choosing an apartment, moving your kid’s stuff into it is the next big task. And by big, we mean heavy, especially sofas, dressers, desks, and other college furniture. You’re going to need a moving truck in most cases and need packing material too. 

Going to a college or university in another state adds an extra level of planning and (sorry!) stress. Our advice for parents of college-bound students? Start planning early! Below, though, we’ve got a feasible, actionable timeline for you. Follow it and, when the day comes to move your college-bound kid, you’ll be ready!

Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students: Moving Checklist

College-Bound Student’s Moving Checklist

6 Weeks From Moving Day

  • Start looking for an apartment. Yes, it’s early, and high school just ended, but this is vital! If you don’t find an apartment early, your child will have to take whatever they can get. (Trust us, some options are worse than others!) Plus, going to the city where they will live and study is a great way to get to know yourself. That way, you can find them an apartment in a better part of town, one that’s convenient to school and safe.
  • Plan fun things to do with your empty nest for yourself. You deserve it!

4 Weeks From Moving Day

  • Reserve a moving truck. Don’t delay, and please don’t forget. Why? Because if you wait, there might not be a single truck left on moving day!
  • Start gathering packing material like boxes, packing paper, peanuts, tape, etc. HideAway Storage sells packing and moving supplies in many U.S. locations. Boxes, tape, moving pads, and more.
  • Have your student-to-be start making lists of things they need. That way, you can buy them now and avoid the last-minute rush.
  • #1 piece of advice for parents of college-bound students: if you plan to move them to school early and beat the rush, reserve a storage unit. That way, it will be waiting for you when you arrive with their stuff! It’s a great way to reduce everyone’s stress levels!

2 Weeks From Moving Day

  • At this point, a lot of what your student is taking to college should be packed. (If it fits in a box, of course.)
  • If you’re moving everything to school with your student, start putting together a pile of blankets. You’ll need all of them to pad their furniture during the move.
  • Get all your Emergency Contact information in order. The owner or landlord of the apartment, for example, as well as the school doctor and police department. You’ll likely never need them, but it doesn’t hurt to have them if you do.

1 Week From Moving Day

  • To make things easier, move all of your students’ stuff to the garage. That includes boxes, furniture, bicycle, etc. If you do this a little at a time, every day, it will be there ready to load on moving day. 
  • Almost everything should be packed that’s going with them to school, Clothes, kitchen items, study items, etc

Advice for Parents: Have a Safety Talk With Your Student

Here’s a fact; most kids and college-bound students like hearing advice from their parents; they just don’t show it. When it comes to safety advice from parents, whether they freak out a little or not, please give it to them anyway. Yes, they may squirm but, if your advice helps them avoid even one “bad” encounter, it’s worth it. 

Our recommendation; don’t lecture your child; talk to them. Ask them to sit down and speak with you, adult-to-adult. Tell them that you want to give them insight and advice, not tell them what to do or when to do it. The truth is, most kids are just as scared about college as you are, and they do listen. 

So, go ahead, talk to them about safety in numbers, safe sex, and being careful around drugs and alcohol. You’ll be surprised how much of what you say they take to heart. 

Advice For Parents of College-Bound Students: Relax!

One of the most significant stressors of parents with college-bound students is crime. Sadly, crime is a part of life, as unpleasant as that might be to admit. However, the good news is that today’s colleges and universities are some of the safest places in the United States. Most have their own police force, which keeps watching 24/7 around the campus.

Plus, today, more kids are aware of the risk of going places alone. Instead, they either stay in with friends or go out in groups. Yes, there is the occasional report of crimes occurring on college or university campuses. Again, however, the statistics are very much in favor of your student spending four crime-free years at school. Our recommendation; relax. College life may be crazy, but it’s far from dangerous. 

Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students: Moving Checklist

Recap: Advice for Parents of College-Bound Students

During summer break, rather than bring all their things back home, rent a storage unit nearby. That way, you’ll save on the one-way cost of a moving truck, which can be expensive. Also, their things will take less of a beating from all that moving, and so will your body! 

If you have questions, chat with us online! And remember, you can rent a storage unit from Hide-Away online, too, the easy way! Until then, dear college parents, we wish you a stress-free semester!

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