Is Bradenton FL a Good Place to Live?

Is Bradenton, FL a good place to live? Would you want to live here all year rather than just coming to visit for a week? That’s the question we’re going to answer for you today. Below we’ll take a look at several facts and figures to see what makes Bradenton tick. When we’re done, you’ll have all the answers you need to solve this critical question. If you’re moving to Bradenton and want to know the good (and not-so-good) about our city, read on!

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Is Bradenton, FL a Good Place to Live Overall?

Over on Niche, the city ranking website, Bradenton gets a B+ grade. That’s not bad at all and puts us in the Top 25 places to live in Florida. Bradenton has a mix of urban and suburban, offers many parks and places to eat, and schools are good. The weather, beaches, and diversity are all excellent, although the cost of living is average. If you look at this overall score alone, you would have to say that Bradenton is a good place to live.

Is Bradenton FL a Good Place to Live?

Bradenton Offers Spectacular Outdoor Opportunities

Here on the west coast of Florida, you’d be hard-pressed to be bored. There’s so much to do here that every day can be a new adventure! Walking one of our lovely beaches, swimming in the gulf, or fishing are three fave activities. There’s boating, surfing, snorkeling, and many other water activities too. At night it’s usually so lovely everyone comes out to walk, eat and relax. Is Bradenton, FL a good place to live? If you go by opportunities for outdoor fun in the sun, then yes! By the way, many folks rent a storage unit in Bradenton to store their boating and outdoor gear. Some small business owners use them also, especially boat rental companies.

The Cost of Living in Bradenton is Average

Whether a city is good to live in or not depends largely on the cost of living. Let’s be honest; if everything is phenomenal, but you’re broke as a joke, it might not be so much fun. That’s a slight problem in Bradenton as our cost of living is just about average. At 99.7/100, we’re less than 3 points under the national average. (So, again, average.) Of all the major indices, groceries, housing and transportation are all slightly above the national average. The rest are all slightly below except the median home cost, which is slightly higher. ($241,600 in Bradenton as opposed to $231,200 nationwide.)

Is Bradenton FL a Good Place to Live?

Bradenton’s Public School System Gets Good Marks

One crucial factor in any city, especially for young families, is the public school system. Children need the best head-start they can get, and grades 1 through 12 are vital. In Bradenton, our schools get a B- grade, which is good. (Not great, but not awful.) The vast majority of our schools get Bs, although some get Cs and a handful get As. There are 44 public schools in Bradenton, so you get many to choose from. If schooling is essential, make sure you look around before you buy a home here. That way, you’ll get your kids into a top-rated school.

Is Bradenton a Good Place to Live? The Economy Says Yes!

The unemployment rate, job growth, sales tax, and income tax in Bradenton are all fair. Unemployment is 3.6% as opposed to a 3.7% national average. Our job growth is double the national average, and future job growth about 20% higher also. As far as household income, we fare slightly worse. The average here is $43,000 per year while, nationally, it’s $57,700 per year.

One excellent factor to keep in mind in Bradenton is that there’s no income tax. (That goes for all of Florida.) Also, know that the tourist and fishing industries are two of the biggest in our city, as well as healthcare. Lastly, if you’re looking long-term, Bradenton’s future job growth is expected to be 42.5% over the next 10 years. Compared to the national average of 33.5%, that’s quite good. Is Bradenton, FL a good place to live? If you go by the economy, that answer would have to be yes!

Is Bradenton FL a Good Place to Live?

Is Bradenton a Good Place to Live? The Weather Says Yes!

If you love hot, sunny days with the occasional quick shower, you’re going to adore Bradenton. We see over 300 days of sunshine a year, which makes outdoor living a treat. When it rains, it usually clears up again the same day. Yes, some months get sticky and hot, and we do see the occasional hurricane. Being on the northern, west coast of Florida, though, we’re well protected from most major storms. If you judge a city by its weather, Bradenton, FL, is a great place to live!

The Commute Time in Bradenton is Slightly Below Average

If you’re part of the workforce, commuting time is a big deal (unless you work from home, of course). In Bradenton, we commute just slightly less than average, 24.6 minutes one way. The national average is 26.4 minutes, so we beat that by a smidge. Does that make Bradenton a good place or a bad place to live? In our humble opinion, it’s a good thing.

Is Bradenton FL a Good Place to Live?

There is Some Crime in Bradenton

Not to end on a negative note, but, after all the good, there’s always a little bad. Bradenton’s ‘bad’ is our crime and safety record, which is just OK. We’re a bit higher in terms of violent crime and about 25% higher in property crime. Neither is awful, but any crime is worse than no crime. Still, it’s not something that we believe should keep anyone from moving to our lovely city.

And there it is, all the info you need to determine if Bradenton, FL is a good place to live. We hope you agree that yes, it definitely is! We’re Hide-Away Self-Storage, the storage experts in Florida. If you need a storage unit in Bradenton, we have safe, clean, affordable units all over the city. Have questions? Chat online anytime with one of our friendly managers. They can help answer any questions you have. Until then, we hope you’ve decided to make Bradenton your new home! We know you’re going to love living here because we do too!