How to Prep for Seasonal Boat Storage

In Bradenton, Florida, you can use your boat nearly the entire year. The weather is warm and sunny and there are plenty of boat ramps to use. Bradenton is perfect for most boaters. Of course, if you’re only in Florida part of the year, you’ll need to know how to prep for seasonal boat storage. Plus, there’s another season that pretty much demands you store your boat somewhere safe; hurricane season.

In either case, storing your powerboat, jet skis, sailboat, canoes, and kayaks is a necessity. Not only will it extend the life of your items, but it will also prevent them from becoming the victim of a hurricane. Let’s take a look at some best practices that you should follow, as well as your search for “dry boat storage near me.”

Choosing The Best Boat Storage

Watercraft storage is just that, storing your watercraft away when you’re not using it. That can be in your garage if we’re talking about a kayak or canoe. Anything much bigger than a johnboat, however, will need storage somewhere else.

Don’t Use Your Driveway as Boat Storage

Some states allow storing your boat or other watercraft like jet skis in your driveway. However, in Bradenton, and most areas of Florida, that’s not the case. Most HOA rules forbid it and, even if they don’t, the town prohibits it. The last thing you want is to come back to Florida and find a massive fine in your mailbox.

Don’t Use the Water for Boat Storage

If you live on the water in Bradenton, you can leave your watercraft in the water. The problem is that saltwater is very hard on watercraft of any kind. It damages the hull,  teak decks, stainless railings, and pretty much everything else. Plus, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recommends that you take your watercraft out of the water during hurricane season. While storing your boat in water can be convenient, dry boat storage, no matter what type of watercraft you have, is a safer choice.

Do Store Your Boat At HideAway

One excellent suggestion is to store your watercraft at HideAway self-storage. HideAway has plenty of spaces to park boats of all sizes and garages big enough to park quite a few as well. There they’ll be safe, secure, and protected 24/7. Plus, if you want to take them out for a day, it’s easy! Of course, if your watercraft happens to be a massive powerboat or sailboat, you’ll need to find a boatyard.

Do Find a Good Boatyard for Boat Storage

If you have the aforementioned massive watercraft, you’ll likely need a good boatyard. We suggest one that’s as far inland as possible, and near a large estuary that can absorb a storm surge if there is one. Also, you’ll want access to electricity so that you can run a dehumidifier inside your boat to prevent mildew.     

You Have Boat Storage. Now What?

Storing your watercraft is the first task to make sure it stays safe and secure during the offseason. There are a few others you should also take care of, to be sure. That way, when you arrive to use your watercraft again in Bradenton, it’ll be ready to go! 

Do Clean, Wax and Buff Everything

Waxing everything might seem counterproductive since you’re putting your watercraft away. However, the exact opposite is true. The reason to clean, wax, and buff everything is to remove any corrosive salts. That way, they won’t damage your boat or other watercraft while it’s in storage.

Do Cover Your Boat Properly

Salt is bad for your watercraft, but so is sunlight, rain, seagull droppings, and dirt. A heavy-duty cover will prevent all these things from doing any damage while you’re away. It will also prevent any critters from getting into your boat and making a nest while you’re gone.

Do Clean and Dry All Your Boating Gear

You should thoroughly clean all the gear that you use with your boat with fresh water. Afterward, leave everything in the Bradenton, Florida sun to dry. This will prevent mold and mildew from destroying them.

Don’t Forget to Flush The Cooling System

If your boat has a gasoline-powered engine, flush the cooling system with fresh water. That way you can entirely remove any dirt, grime, or salt. Plus, the cooling system will stay in optimal working condition.

Don’t Forget to Top Off Your Fuel Tanks

Top off your boat’s gas tank with gasoline to prevent any buildup while they’re in storage. Pouring in a bottle of a marine fuel stabilizer is also a great idea. You’ll want to run it through the engine for a minute or three to circulate it through the system.

Do Change the Oil and Filter

If your engine is an inboard/outboard, you should change the oil filter and the oil. Replace it with fresh oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will keep everything well oiled, safe, and fresh while you’re away.

Boat nose

Dry Boat Storage With HideAway

One of the easiest ways to store your boat, especially if you can pull it with a trailer, is with HideAway. At HideAway Self Storage, we have secure spaces near you. We also have indoor areas for any smaller watercraft. We monitor our facilities 24/7 by video, and we have managers on-site. Plus, the front gate is keypad-controlled for even more security.

Reserving a space or storage unit for your watercraft is easy with HideAway. Simply fill out our online reservation application. Then, pick the space or storage unit you need. There’s no deposit necessary, and we only have month-to-month rental plans. You can leave your watercraft here as long as you like. Even better, when you’re ready to take it out, you won’t be stuck in a long-term lease. If you have questions about boat or watercraft storage in Bradenton, Florida, contact us today!

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