Top 6 Tips on How to Move Out with No Money

There’s a common consensus that moving from one home to another is one of life’s most stressful, challenging, and aggravating tasks. Especially if you’re moving things by yourself. Another one of life’s difficulties is having little or no money in the bank. Many people believe you can’t move out without having a significant amount of money, but it is possible. If you need to move with an empty bank account, read on. The tips below on how to move out with no money are sure to help you through the process, and hopefully reduce some stress.

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How to Move Out with no Money

Tip 1: Start Planning Early

No matter where or when you plan to move out, the best thing you can do is start early. Experts recommend you start planning the day you decide to move. Even if you’re only moving a small number of things, give yourself at least 2 to 3 weeks to prepare. If you have a lot of stuff to move, 4 to 6 weeks is a better choice. The more time you give yourself, the less scrambling you’ll do in the days before your move-out date. You’ll forget fewer tasks, have less stress, and make fewer mistakes. 

Tip 2: Check Craigslist for Free Moving Boxes

If you’re moving, you need boxes. Here’s the thing; individual boxes aren’t that expensive, even on a budget. But, if you need 20, 30, 40, or more boxes, your box bill will skyrocket fast! That’s why, if you need a lot of boxes, you need a cheap box source, Craigslist. Here’s how to get free boxes on Craigslist:

  1. Go to their website.
  2. Select the area of the country where you live.
  3. On the main Craigslist page, look for the “For Sale” sign and the “free” button under it.
  4. Click “free” 
  5. Scroll to find people giving away free moving boxes. There are usually quite a few!
  6. Contact them and arrange to pick up free moving boxes.

Alternative method:

  1. At the top left corner on the Craigslist main page, there’s an info box that says “search CL.”
  2. Type in “free moving boxes.”
  3. See the people in your area that have free moving boxes.
  4. Contact them and arrange to pick up free moving boxes.

Tip 3: Look for a Truck or Van to Borrow

If you have a friend or close relative with a truck or van, ask to borrow it in advance, so they know what you’re planning. The earlier you ask, the better your chances are of securing the vehicle and being able to utilize it for your move.

One note; finding someone who lets you use their truck might not be possible if you’re moving far. (Unless that person is also willing to pay for the gas.) The point is to start asking early so you can nail down your moving truck, and it’s one less thing to stress about.

How to Move Out with no Money

Tip 4: Get Rid of as Much Stuff as Possible

Moving all of your stuff is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. The more stuff you have, the bigger truck you will need and the more boxes. Consider this; a 1-bedroom apartment will fill the smallest moving truck you can rent. (Just FYI, a 4-bedroom home filled with large furniture can fill an 18-wheel moving truck.)

The point here is that the more stuff you can give away, donate or toss in the trash, the better. Then, you won’t have to pack it, load it, move it, and unload it. It won’t take up space in the moving truck, either, or cost you more money for gasoline. So, think about what you take with you when you move. If you don’t need it, want it, or use it, toss it.

Tip 5: Ask People to keep their Newspapers for You

If you have fragile things, you’ll need to pack them in paper when you move. If you know you’re moving in a few weeks, start asking neighbors, friends, and family to keep newspapers for you. Alternatively, you can ask your local grocery store manager to give you their leftover old newspapers. The more fragile stuff you have, the more paper you’re going to need. Another method is to use old bedsheets and other linens like towels to pack fragile stuff. However, if you’re packing a lot of stuff, you’ll need more old linens than most families probably own.

Tip 6: Recruiting People to Help You

Unless you have very little stuff, you’re going to need help moving everything. The thing is, the more people you have helping you, the better. That will prevent anyone from becoming exhausted and injuring themself. (It happens.) Of course, you don’t want to ask last minute, because many people will have plans or not even be around. That’s why it’s best to start asking friends and family to help you as early as possible. 

Bonus Tip: Volunteer to help the people who help you. It’s much harder for someone to turn you down if you’re offering to help them in return.

These Tips on How to Move Out with No Money Brought to you by Hide-Away

Moving out with no or little money can be difficult, if not impossible. Here at Hide-Away, we hope the tips we’ve provided today will help you manage your move successfully. We’ve helped many folks moving on a tight budget to store their things affordably between homes. If you have questions about self-storage, visit Hide-Away’s homepage. Or, better still, visit the Hide-Away self-storage location near you. The on-site manager will help you in any way they can. Best of luck moving to your new home!