Pros and Cons of Living in Fort Myers, Florida

Coming in at 91,000 people, Fort Myers is a comfortable and small city. The city of Fort Myers has beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, and delicious seafood right on the Gulf Coast. Fishing, golf, and nightlife are also excellent in Fort Myers. Of course, there’s more to life than fun in the sun. The cost of living, crime rates, and public schools need to be adequate to make any city liveable. We want to help you decide if Fort Myers is right for you. So we put together all the important pros and cons of living in Fort Myers, Florida. So let’s get into it!

Pros of Living in Fort Myers, Florida

355 days of Sunshine a Year

Only 10 days without sun ALL year? We are just as shocked as you are. If you’re a fan of sunny, warm days, you’re going to love living in Fort Myers, Florida! Amazingly, the city sees sunshine almost the entire year! Yes, you’ll see rain for about half the year. But usually, it passes through, and the sun comes right back!

The Cost of Living in Fort Myers, Florida is Below Average

One factor that makes any city more livable is its cost of living (especially when it’s low). Fort Myers isn’t going to win any awards for the cheapest city in America, it’s true. But the cost of living score is below the national average, at 96 / 100. Low cost of living is definitely a pro in our book.

Street with palm trees and an arcade sign

Reasonable Housing Costs

Surprisingly, housing costs in Fort Myers, FL, are quite reasonable. The housing cost index is 90 / 100. That’s about 10% lower than the national average. Affordable housing is a great way to save money. And who doesn’t like saving money!

Good Public Schools in Fort Myers, Florida

We have great news for all the parents out there. Fort Myers has some excellent schools. Nearly half get a B or higher of the 74 public schools in Fort Myers. Also, two local schools are in the top-50 schools in the whole state! WOW! Check out Fort Myers High School and Florida Southwestern Collegiate High School!

Fun and Exciting Nightlife

There’s no lack of nightlife in Fort Myers, that’s for sure! There are over 400 restaurants in the city, most of which are not chain restaurants. Local restaurant lovers delight! Bars, nightclubs, and pubs with live music? Oh yeah, Fort Myers has plenty of those! Plus, the downtown area is charming with an eclectic mix of architectural styles.

The Everglades!

Imagine having a national park right in your backyard! With the Everglades as your playground, you’ll always have something exciting to do! There are 50 small nature preserves here, with a huge variety of wildlife. Two of the best include Estero Bay Preserve State Park and San Carlos Bay Bunche Beach Preserve. Getting a glimpse of bald eagles, Florida panthers, manatees, and black bears? Yes, please!

Florida Everglades

Cultural Diversity in Fort Myers, Florida

The wide variety of restaurants in the city reflects the cultural diversity. 50% of residents are Black or Hispanic; great news if you’re a fan of fantastic food and diverse culture. In short, Fort Myers is a true American melting pot. Living in Fort Myers, Florida means great opportunities to attend cultural events and meet new people.

Cons of Living in Fort Myers, Florida

Summer is Sweltering Hot

An entire year of sunshine is great… until it’s not. During the summer, Fort Myers is a sun-baked oven. For example, you’ll feel the sweltering temperatures that routinely reach 95° and higher! Most folks who live here in the summer agree: don’t stray too far from your air conditioning. In this case, one of the pros (the sunshine) is also one of the cons of living in Fort Myers, Florida.

Healthcare is Expensive

While the overall cost of living in Fort Myers is pretty good, healthcare costs aren’t so good. With a cost index of 117 / 100, we’re almost 20% higher than the national average. When you consider that many folks move here to retire, that’s unfortunate. Healthcare cots are often the most expensive in the retirement years. So be careful that you have a good health insurance plan if you come to Fort Myers.

Summer Traffic Living in Fort Myers, Florida

We touched earlier on the fact that Fort Myers is overcrowded, especially in summer. Unfortunately, that’s when the traffic here can get scary. One of the biggest problems is there’s only one major road in and out of Fort Myers Beach. (During the busy tourist season, it resembles the seventh level of Dante’s Inferno!)

Street lined with palm trees and cars

Crime in Fort Myers is Problematic

As much of a paradise as Fort Myers can be, the crime rates are problematic. Violent crime in Fort Myers is nearly double the US average. Property crime is about 30% higher, also. Luckily, crime rates have fallen over the last few years. This is good news for everyone who lives here.

Fort Myers is Densely Packed with People

With all our city offers, it’s not surprising so many people want to live here. Unfortunately, the city is now rather crowded. With a population density of 1600 people per square mile, it’s one of the most crowded in the state. That doesn’t even consider the 5 million people per year that come to visit! Locals will tell you they don’t enjoy going out at certain times of the year because it’s simply too crowded.

Pollution in Lake Okeechobee

After a century of heavy farming, Lake Okeechobee has serious pollution. During the summer, blue-green algae covers most of the lake. Even worse, the Army Corps of Engineers drains the lake into the Caloosahatchee River. That, sadly, brings it right to Fort Myers and our beautiful beaches.

Two bikes on a beach

All the Pros and Cons of Living in Fort Myers, Florida

Is Fort Myers, Florida, perfect? No, but it certainly has more than enough Pros to outweigh the Cons! Low housing costs, fantastic beaches, good schools, and high diversity make the city very attractive.

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