The Top-Rated RV Parks in Palmetto, Florida

Are you on your way to lovely Palmetto, Florida, in your RV for some fun in the Florida sun? If so, you’ll need to find an RV park you’ll love to stay at while you’re here. We’re here to help you find an RV park in Palmetto, Florida that allows you to enjoy all the wonderful things this town has to offer!

The good news is there are several terrific RV parks in Palmetto, Florida, to choose from. The even better news is that we’ve got the info on all of them below! The RV parks with the best amenities, locations, perks, and more! Read on to discover the top-rated RV parks in Palmetto, Florida!

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Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort

The term “best of both worlds” gets thrown around a lot; it’s true. But at Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort, it fits like a well-worn pair of flip-flops. At the stunningly beautiful Terra Ceia Bay, you can enjoy the tranquil waters and a private kayak launch. Also, the mangrove swamps are perfect for exploring. Lastly, the Bay is a fantastic fishing spot stocked with trout.

We called this RV park the best of both worlds. So, what is the second half to the tranquil waters? Well, it’s the small-town charm and thick forest! Majestic oaks and beautiful palm trees surround the RV park, and the sunsets are breathtaking. The park is also minutes from Terra Ceia Preserve State Park. So in addition to kayaking, you can explore 2000 acres of hiking trails. If a beautiful RV park with all the amenities is what you seek, Fisherman’s Cove RV Resort is perfect!

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The Tides RV Resort

The Tides RV Resort is a 55+ RV resort, which might be its only drawback. (If you’re not keen on kids running around, though, it might not be a drawback at all.) As a gated RV resort, they offer more amenities than most, including a fully stocked lake for fishing! Many of the best spots in The Tides are right on the lake, also (although, they go fast). Even if you don’t have a boat, there’s a pier to enjoy Palmetto’s phenomenal sunsets!

The list of amenities? It’s as long as your arm, including a gorgeous pool, dog parks, a large clubhouse, and pickleball courts. They even have their own library! The fitness center, shuffleboard, and billiards room are very popular also. If the beach is more your style, there are several of the best in Florida nearby! Relaxing by the fire pits on the lake with your new RV friends? Yes, please! One caveat, though, is that the prices at The Tides match the amenities and perks. (In other words, they’re more expensive than some of the other RV parks in the area.)

Lazy Oaks RV Park

The one thing that sets Lazy Oaks apart is that, as long as your RV is clean, you’re in! (Some RV parks can be a little pretentious here in Florida.) If you don’t mind that fact, this is the RV park for you! First, it’s situated under an otherworldly canopy of oak trees, most of which are over 200 years old! (There’s something amazing about seeing trees that have been around since the early 1800s!)

Now, if we’re honest, Lazy Oaks doesn’t have nearly as many amenities as some of the other RV parks in Palmetto, Florida. That said, it’s surrounded by excellent attractions just like the rest, and of course Palmetto’s gorgeous beaches. Their rates are more affordable than those other parks, making it perfect for RVers on a budget. The owners live on-site and are about as friendly as they come. Lastly, the folks who stay here are a bit younger than other RV parks, and kids are always welcome. If a more affordable RV park in Palmetto is what you’re looking for, this is the place!

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Fiesta Grove RV Resort

Another 55+ RV park, Fiesta Grove, is more affordable than many RV parks in this part of Florida. However, what sets it apart is the community-oriented lifestyle they’ve created. Fiesta Grove has a variety of social events and activities every day and day trips to area hotspots. Many of the folks who stay here do so because, after they arrived, they made some great friends!

It’s amazing to see all the activities that Fiesta Grove hosts. Bocce ball tournaments, organized excursions, dance parties, and breakfast get-togethers are just the start! They even have a motorcycle club and organize cycle trips! If making fast friends and staying active while you RV in Palmetto, give this park a good look! It’s easily one of the top-rated RV parks in Palmetto, Florida because of all these amenities!

Lone Oak Park

Here’s the thing about Lone Oak RV Park; it’s got fantastic and not-so-fantastic reviews. Some folks love the place and say it’s really nice, with great owners and decent amenities. (Plus affordable prices.) Others say it’s too close to the highway and noisy. From what we’ve seen, it looks like a very nice place to RV for a few weeks, if not longer. Like all the RV parks in Palmetto, Florida, Lone Oak Park is in the thick of everything the area offers. For that, and for having friendly on-site owners, we think it deserves a shout-out.

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