Storage Tips for Living in a Tiny House

Tiny home by trees with a lot of green grass surrounding it

Across the United States, the tiny house movement has taken hold, driven by rising housing prices, self-sufficiency, and conservation. A tiny house costs less, uses less energy, and is easier to maintain. Of course, tiny homes are far from perfect. One of the significant drawbacks is a lack of storage. The absence of storage options can be problematic if you have kids, a business, a hobby, etc.

The information below will be especially valuable if you own a tiny home and need help with storage. It’s the best tips, hacks, and storage ideas to store things in a tiny home. So read on to discover tiny house storage solutions and greatly increase your storage space today.

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Maximizing Storage in a Tiny House

The best way to maximize storage in a tiny home is only to purchase stuff you need and use regularly. Ironically, many folks get a tiny home to lower their consumerism level. However, there’s no denying that, in today’s world, you need many things to make life more enjoyable. That means you need storage space to store them and must maximize every possible storage area in your tiny house. Kitchen storage, living room space, bookshelves, floor space, functionality, kitchen cabinets, you name it. Everything needs to be maximized to take advantage of all the square feet of space available in a tiny house.

Tips for Organizing a Small House with No Storage

Below are some of the best tiny house storage ideas and storage solutions to use in a tiny home. 

Use the Space Under Everything with Drawers

The space under stuff in most homes is left entirely unused. In a tiny home, though, that space is incredibly valuable. That includes the empty spaces under tables, your bed, steps, staircases, etc. The more space you can use, the easier your storage tasks will be.

Incorporate Cabinet Organizers into your Kitchen Cabinets

Today, many different cabinet organizers are available that use space very well. Pot and pan holders, spice organizers, pull-out shelves, you name it. Do your due diligence to find any cabinet organizer that works. (Some are genuinely fantastic!)

Design your Tiny Home with Functionality in Mind

Are you designing your tiny home yourself? If yes, be sure to design everything with functionality in mind. Look through home design books and magazines, go online, ask friends who will live in tiny homes, etc. There are many ideas out there that you can use to increase your storage space.

Interior of a storage home showing furniture that is maximizing the space

Use Bookshelves and Open Shelves Whenever Possible

Shelving of any kind is essential when you live in a tiny home. Bookshelves are great but take up valuable floor space. Putting shelves over cabinets, your bed, sofas, etc., is always a good idea. This technique allows storing many more things (and displaying things) and makes storage easier. Open shelves are great as long as the things you’re storing on them aren’t unsightly.

Use Dual-Use Furniture

Dual-use furniture is perfect for a tiny home. Anything with a dual-use allows you to get more storage space. Benches used as sofas in your living room are a perfect example. You can store things underneath while sitting comfortably on top. Whiteboards that fold down into a desk, large tables that fold down smaller, and chairs that turn into single beds. All of these dual-use storage ideas will increase your storage space.

Use Modular Furniture

Similar to dual-use furniture, modular furniture changes when you need it to change. However, with modular furniture, you can also move it into different configurations. For example, it can be a seating area one minute but a bed for two guests the next. 

Utilize Both Sides of a Shelf

How do you use both sides of a shelf? By hanging things underneath the shelf, that’s how! Screwing in the tops from mason jars works like a charm. You can also hang cups and mugs from hooks or incorporate a small drawer under the shelf. Hint: Look up DIY ideas on Pinterest for using both sides of a shelf. (They’re everywhere!)

Consider a Murphy or Pull-Out Bed

Murphy beds are perfect for a small space! They allow you to use all living and floor space during the day. Then, at night, you fold them down (or pull them out), and voila!; you’re ready to get some shut-eye!

murphy bed pulled out

Creative Solutions for Storage in Small Houses

  • Use an island in your kitchen with storage inside.
  • Hang bicycles from the ceiling or over a staircase.
  • Extend your countertops as far as possible.
  • Hang pots and pans from a rack over the stove.
  • Use a pegboard to hang clothes, kitchen utensils, school supplies, and more.
  • Create cabinets and used drawers under stairways.
  • Utilize empty space near the ceiling using shelves, baskets, etc.
  • Use the backs of doors to hang all sorts of stuff with hooks.
  • Raise your floor 6 inches above the base floor and use the space to store stuff.

Keep Your Space Clean with Hide-Away

Taking advantage of all the square feet available in a tiny home is essential. That’s especially true if you don’t want to grow out of it quickly. Hopefully, the tips and ideas we’ve given today will help you live comfortably in your tiny home. If, however, you’re running out of space quickly, Hide-Away Self Storage can help.

First, check out our storage size guide online and our other self storage tips. If you’re moving into your new tiny house, our moving guide can help. That’s also true if you need business storage. To find storage, call Hide-Away today or reserve a storage unit online. It’s easy, takes mere minutes, and there’s no credit card necessary!

Best of luck with your new tiny home from Hide-Away Self Storage. If you need extra space for all your extra stuff, call us and rent a storage unit today!