The Pros and Cons of Living in Bradenton, Florida

Situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida lies Bradenton, Florida. Part of the Tampa – St. Petersburg metro area, Bradenton is a small town with big extras, especially our beautiful beaches. We’ve got the pros and cons of living in Bradenton below! Read on to discover what makes Bradenton attractive (and some of its downsides, too).

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Pro: Bradenton is Inviting and Welcoming New Arrivals

Like many Florida towns and cities, Bradenton welcomes new arrivals with open arms. Indeed, the town’s nickname is “The Friendly City” because of its reputation as a place where everyone’s invited! One reason is that many folks in Bradenton moved here from other states. That’s especially true of northeastern states like New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York. The locals are friendly, and Bradenton has a laid-back, party atmosphere all year.

Con: The Humidity in Bradenton can be Suffocating

Have you ever heard someone say, “The humidity was so thick you could cut it with a knife?” If so, the person you heard it from was probably talking about Bradenton, FL. Although rain usually passes through quickly, the combination of rain and heat causes humidity that’s off the charts. While the rest of the US gets about 38 annual inches of rain, Bradenton gets 54! That can turn something as innocuous as a stroll to the store into a sweaty, sticky mess! In Bradenton, one thing is sure: you’ll need to invest in a good dehumidifier.

Living in Bradenton FL

Pro: The Weather in Bradenton is Gorgeous Most of the Year

Bradenton is perfect if you’re looking for a city where you can live life outdoors. Yes, it gets sweltering in the summer. In spring, fall and winter, though, the temperature is ideal, the sun is shining, and the water’s great! It’s perfect for walking, biking, barbecuing, beachcombing, and, of course, fishing!

Con: Crime Rates in Bradenton are a Little Shaky

There’s no way to sugarcoat that crime in Bradenton is a problem. It’s not a massive problem like some big cities, but it’s not great either. For example, while the national violent crime rate is 23/100, Bradenton’s is 29/100. Property crime, unfortunately, is even worse. It’s 49/100 in Bradenton, while the US average is 35/100. However, crime rates in Bradenton have been steadily dropping since 2008.

Living in Bradenton, FL

Pro: There’s a Lot to See, Do and Enjoy in Bradenton

Being situated right on the Gulf of Mexico means that, in Bradenton, FL, water sports are off the hook! If you can do it on the water, you can enjoy it in Bradenton! There are piers, beaches, deep sea fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and surfing. The beaches here are some of the prettiest in the United States, and the inland waterway is spectacular. Kayaking in mangrove swamps while dolphins and manatees swim by? Yes, please! There’s biking, hiking, walking, and other attractions on land. Orlando and all the best theme parks are less than 90 minutes away!

Con: Bradenton doesn’t have Basements

While this might not seem like a problem, not having a basement can be difficult for northern transplants. No basement means losing a lot of storage space, man cave space, or extra space for kids. The problem is the water table is much too high. When you dig down a couple of feet, you hit water, which is not conducive to building a basement. The good news? Hide-Away Self Storage provides safe, clean storage units for your extra stuff! Plus, if you need boat storage in Bradenton, Hide-Away can provide that too! 

Pro: Bradenton has Good Public Schools

If you’re coming to Brandenton with school-age children, you’ll be glad to know the schools are above average. Overall, we get a B, which any student will agree is a decent grade. Several of the schools in Brandenton get an A, also. Lakewood Ranch High School is one of them, and so is Rowlett Middle Academy. It’s not America’s top school district, but your child will get a solid education living in Bradenton.

Con: The Summer Comfort Index is Low in Bradenton

Most folks like to be comfortable, but in summer, that’s sometimes hard to do in Bradenton. The heat, humidity, and bugs contribute to Bradentons  score of 2.5 / 10 on their Comfort Index, which is abysmal. However, the comfort index is a stellar 9.2 / 10 in the winter! So if you can get past June, July, and August, the three hottest months, you’ll be good to go!

Pro: The Cost of Living is Affordable in Bradenton

One of the top pros of living in Bradenton, FL, is the cost of living. It’s not the lowest in the US, but still affordable. The median home cost, for example, is $283,400, about $10,000 lower than the national average. Most cost indexes in Bradenton are lower than the US average. (Groceries are only 4% higher than the national average, so not awful.)

living in bradenton fl
Aerial view of Bradenton, FL.

Final Thoughts about Living in Bradenton, FL

Living in Bradenton, FL offers more pros than cons with great weather, coastal living, and plenty of things to do. It helps that Bradenton is affordable and close to Disney World!

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This post was originally published on 06/16/2020. It was updated on 09/23/2022.