Notable Facts about the Cost of Living in Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton, Florida, is a laid-back beach city with sunny weather year-round, and reasonable housing prices. A suburb of Tampa, Bradenton is less hurried and stressed. It’s quiet, safe, diverse, and near some of the best beaches in the state. 

If you’re moving to Bradenton, lucky you! The town is a growing hotspot for bars and restaurants, and nightlife is fun and exciting. The job market is strong, and Bradenton ranks highly for families. There’s one question, though, most folks moving here ask first; what’s the cost of living in Bradenton, Florida? 

Hide-Away Self Storage has all the information you need on Bradenton’s cost of living below. Housing prices, the cost of utilities like gas, and the rest of the significant cost indices. It’s enlightening info that might be useful during your upcoming move to Bradenton! 

Note: Below, we’ll be using the US average, represented by 100. So, if you see a cost index score of 80 / 100, it’s 20% lower than the national average. A cost index of 120 / 100 would thus be 20% higher than the US average.

Bradenton, Florida’s Overall Cost of Living is Affordable- 100/100 

Living on any coast in the United States can be an expensive proposition. In Bradenton, however, the cost of living is affordable. You won’t save big over other towns, but you won’t spend more. It’s a pleasant surprise when you consider Bradenton’s proximity to beautiful beaches. Most coastal towns come with high and often outrageous price tags. As we’ll see below, the median home cost in Bradenton, FL, is affordable too. That’s also unusual for a coastal town and a great reason to move to Bradenton. 

Housing Costs in Bradenton, FL, are Affordable 105 / 100

Bradenton’s housing costs are so unusual because coastal living is usually quite expensive in the United States. Indeed, at only 5% above the national average, they’re genuinely affordable. The cost of housing in Bradenton is amazing compared to Miami, San Diego, Charleston, or even Baltimore. Apartments are more affordable here, although less so than houses.

Bradenton’s Median Home Cost is Surprisingly Affordable- $283,000

It begs to repeat that home prices like these are phenomenal this close to Florida’s coast. Bradenton’s median home cost is below the national and Florida average. That’s great news if you’re buying a home in Bradenton, as you’ll get more for your money. It’s also great news if you want to live near the coast and enjoy the beaches and other amenities. With affordable home prices, you’ll have more money for college funds, IRAs, and vacation funds. 

In Bradenton, FL, Grocery Costs are Slightly More Expensive- 104 / 100

One surprise in Bradenton, FL, is that grocery costs are 4% above the national average. The reason it’s surprising is that Bradenton has access to a massive variety of local produce. Plus, with the ocean nearby, plenty of access to local, and therefore more affordable, fish. One would think that groceries would be a little bit cheaper but they aren’t. Luckily, 4% higher than average isn’t the end of the world. You won’t be overspending to put healthy, nutritious food on your family’s table in Bradenton, FL.

Transportation Costs in Bradenton, FL, are Perfectly Average- 100/100

Transportation costs in Bradenton, FL, are reasonable and match the US average exactly. Gasoline, car repairs, car maintenance, highway fees, and tolls are affordable. Many folks in Bradenton use their bicycles to get around, go shopping and even go to bars. That can help you save even more money on your transportation costs. Also, Bradenton is relatively walkable, especially near the beaches.

The Cost of Miscellaneous Goods is Affordable in Bradenton- 96 / 100

Most Americans have miscellaneous costs they pay for every month. Haircuts, for example, pedicures, new clothes, new electronics, entertaining, and so forth. Miscellaneous costs in Bradenton will cost you 4% less than the national average

Utility Costs in Bradenton, FL, are Affordable- 95 / 100

Many folks in Florida cringe when they get their monthly utility bill, primarily due to the high cost of electricity. The air conditioners use most of the electricity. They use a lot of juice to keep homes cool with Florida’s often excessive heat. You won’t find people spending much to heat their homes because it just doesn’t get that cold that often.

Bradenton’s Healthcare Costs are Affordable- 93 / 100

Healthcare is the lowest cost index in Bradenton. With a score of 93 / 100, our health care costs are 7% lower than the national average. For seniors on a fixed budget and young families, that extra 7% can be a blessing. Let’s face it, doctor visits, especially emergency room visits, can be expensive. Most folks would quickly take advantage of the opportunity to save an extra 7% if possible. Plus, Bradenton has excellent hospitals and a high doctor-to-patient ratio.

Bradenton, Florida is an Affordable Florida Town

There’s no denying Bradenton, Florida, is an affordable town, especially on the coast. It’s an excellent choice for families and retirees. Another good choice is a storage unit from Hide-Away Self Storage. Clean, safe, and secure, you can store your things with confidence.

Many folks reserve a storage unit in Bradenton, FL, before arriving, so it’s ready when they do. That allows them to search for a Bradenton home at their own pace. 

If you’re already here, welcome to your new home on the Gulf Coast, Bradenton, Florida! If you have questions about renting a storage unit in Bradenton, you have two choices. The first is to visit our Bradenton, FL, self-storage location page online. Or, visit one of the 7 self-storage locations in Bradenton and meet the onsite manager. They will help you determine which storage unit is best for you. Best of luck moving!

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