Spring Cleaning: Living Room Deep Clean

The long winters are gone, and the spring comes. The snow turns into spring showers. It’s time to deep clean your living room. Spring cleaning of the living room is quite a tough task. When it comes to the living room, there is no use of heavy scrubbing, stubborn limescale, and grime. Cluttered living rooms are a common problem for many households, they might clean their rooms on a weekly basis but many items and places get neglected and need a thorough cleaning.

Living Room Spring Cleaning Checklist:

cleaning supplies for spring cleaning

Tools Required

  • A long-handled duster.
  • Cardboard boxes and bags.
  • Glass cleaner, furniture cleaner.
  • Furniture polish.
  • A clean broom.
  • A good vacuum cleaner.
  • Some microfiber cloths.
  • A Squeegee.
  • A rug shampoo machine.
  • A spot remover.

For Living Room Cleaning

Start with Small Things

  • Place the items that belong to other rooms in a cardboard box.
  • If your bookshelves are overflowing, then keep those books in the donating box.
  •  Pick up all trashes from surfaces or under furniture and keeps them in the trash box.

Dust Everything

dusting bookshelf for spring cleaning
  • Dust and clean the photographs along the wall using a clean wet cloth, never use spray cleaner or water because the liquid might damage the pictures behind the glass.
  • The dusting of a ceiling fan is most important because nothing is more embarrassing than dust falling on your guest’s head. You can clean the ceiling fan by gentle cleaning soap like murphy oil.
  • Dust and clean the knickknacks, decorative items, and lamps in the living room by using vacuum attachment and duster.

Soft Furniture

  • Take the pillows and cushions from the sofa outside the room and beat them with a clean broom or stick.
  •  Pull the furniture away from the wall and clear the place where furniture was placed.
  • Vacuum the sofa and chairs using upholstery attachment and the nooks are cleaned by using crevice attachment.
  • Place the cushions and pillows of the sofa back on their place after cleaning.

Woods and Surfaces

Polish the shelves, chairs, lampshades, and other furniture from every corner. Lampshades can be polished by duster and the rest of the furniture by microfiber cloths. A sticky film is generally formed on the wooden furniture which can be removed by spraying the equal solution of the vinegar and water. This can be wiped away using a water-dipped cloth and dry it with other clean cloth. This is an easy task.

Rugs and Floor

Once you have done with the furniture, it’s time to move on to the floor. First of all, take care of carpets, doormats, and rugs. if they are lightly soiled treat them with the steam cleaner. You can do it by yourself by renting a steam cleaning machine or you can hire a professional team for this. Steps involved are:

  • Vacuum the carpets, rugs, and doormats.
  • Clean all the spots with a spot cleaner.
  • Mop the floor and get back all the furniture in their place.


When you are going to clean electronics unplug everything first for sure. You can wipe off the dust using cloth from your electronics. When you are cleaning the TV start with the frame, then move to the back and finally clean the screen. Clean the cords carefully with a cloth. Remotes are the most touched item in the living room. Remove the battery first and wipe off the remote by a microfiber cloth moistened with alcohol and a cotton swab to clean between buttons. Check properly if everything is working properly and safely before plugin again.


If you want a fresh spring view, you must clean the marred windows. The spring-cleaning project of the living room won’t be complete if you leave windows. The bucket and squeegee will help you with this task. Clean the windows with glass cleaner from inside and outside as well. Use the cleaner and microfiber cloth to achieve a shiny and polished look. The windowsills can be cleaned using a vacuum.

Drapes or Curtains

Takedown draperies or curtains. If they are washable take them to the laundry room and launder them or if they need dry cleaning, take them to dry cleaners. You must follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to clean them.

Clean the Lighting

Before the cleaning process turns off the lights. Once they are completely cooled, remove them. Clean the lights and casing with a microfiber cloth moistened with water. Clean bulbs emit more light than dirty bulb and make your room brighter.

Spring Update

Wash the pillow covers, throws, and other accessories for a fresh look. Replace the winter-colored curtains or other things with brighter and spring colors.

Clean door, knobs, and handles

The doors and knobs are one of the most touched items in the living room. You can clean them using a moistened microfiber cloth. It might take more than one wipe to clean it off upside down.

Clean the Fireplace

If you have a chimney in your living room, you can hire a professional chimney sweeper to clean the chimney and clean the creosote.

Finish Up

Once you are done with the spring cleaning of the living room. Return all the decorative items, knick-knacks, and lights back to their respective places, rehang the curtains on the clean poles, put all the books and magazines on to the shelves. Take the donation items to the charity center. Put away all the belongings to their respective rooms. Thrown away the trash.

Tips to Keep the Living Room Clutter-Free For A Long Time:

Keeping your living room clutter-free is all about discipline. You can keep your room clutter-free for a long time by clean-up the room 5-10 minutes daily, keep the things organized. You can use easily rent a self-storage unit to keep your house decluttered and provide a home from seldom used items.

Now, you are done with the cleaning process. You can enjoy your beautiful living room with your family. You can bring a decent room freshener or a vase with beautiful fresh flowers to boost your mood. Nothing feels satisfying as coming home to a tidy living room. Hope this spring-cleaning guide helps you in cleaning your living room. Using this guide, you can make your living room cleaner and more beautiful than ever.

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