Holiday Sleeping Arrangements + How to Create Room for Family Holidays In Your Home

Moving to your dream home (like…. somewhere in South Florida!) comes with endless opportunities and also offers additional perks, such as having your entire family over vacations without the need for hotel fees. It also means having your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and whoever else you love around for as long as possible. This is a perfect dream for everyone looking to make lasting experiences in their golden years. If quality time with family and friends is really important to you, then you want to make room for more than the occasional pack and play! Holiday and vacation sleeping arrangements for the ones you love can be difficult in a smaller home, but not impossible!

How to Choose Holiday or Vacation Sleeping Arrangements For Your Grandchild

Making room for your grandchildren can be a fun and rewarding experience. You want to create a space whose design makes your grandchild smile, relax, and enjoy. While your Florida home may not be big enough with no basement or usable attic, there are still several things you can do to ensure that your grandkids have a happy place to spend their holidays whenever they’re in town.

  • Designate a Spare Room That Is close To the Parent’s Guest Room
    • This is perhaps one of the most critical considerations. The baby’s room should be close enough to the guest room where the parents will be sleeping. This allows the parent to check on the kids from time to time without needing to walk down cold corridors in the middle of the night.
  • Making It A Part Of The Existing Guest Room
    • You can also decide to make the baby’s space as part of an existing bedroom. This is especially important if your grandkid is still young and requires closer supervision by the parent. You can use convertible cribs that can be adjusted easily as the child grows. Be sure to go for a crib design that can quickly and easily transform into a daybed, toddler bed or double beds that can be used for years to come.
  • Building A Small Room Addition For Your Grandchild
    • Getting an extra guest room for your grandchild is sometimes out of the equation. The kid may be a little grown to live-in with the parents, yet you have no extra room for them. This is where remodeling their bedroom comes in. You’ll want to create an aesthetically pleasing, budget-friendly, and highly functional room that can be used for days to come. While the room may be small, you can play around with various design ideas that allow for sufficient playing and storage space.
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How to Create Room For Your Grandchild’s Space

The quest for space is never-ending. When creating an extra room for your grandchild, you might experience another hiccup. Many people are left stranded with loads of valuable and bulky items that they can no longer find space for.

Here are several ways you can free up your space to make room for a crib or play area:

  • Sell The Items That You No Longer Need
    • If your home is like most American households, you must be having antique items that have already served their time but can still fetch a handsome amount if tossed. Selling that designer apparel, old computer, or that old piano that you no longer use can free up a lot of space, allowing you to create extra room for your grandkids. You can either decide to hold a garage sale or sell the items online.
  • Donate to Charity
    • If you still have items such as clothes, books, furniture, and electronics that are in good shape for reuse, you can donate them to your favorite non-profit charity. This is an easy and quick way to free up space, especially if you don’t have enough time to sell your stuff.
  • Pass It On
    • When dealing with a special family heirloom, consider passing it on to a cousin or relative before getting rid of it. You’ll most likely find someone else who would love and appreciate to have it.
  • Remake, Repurpose, and Reusing
    • Sometimes, our houses have loads of furniture and other bulky items that can easily be repurposed or reused easily. By remaking, repurposing or reusing an old article, you’ll be creating something new while retaining the item’s sentimental value. For instance, a bulky board from your dresser can easily be transformed into a floating shelf. This ultimately helps create additional room for your grandchild’s holiday sleeping arrangements.
  • Consider Using a Self Storage Space
    • When hosting your family for a beach vacation, you might want just to create space for a specific time. A self-storage space offers an excellent solution for storing bulky, heirloom, antique, breakable, or other valuable items to make room for a crib or play area.
Grandparents Sitting At Table With Grandchildren Playing Games As Family Prepares Meal

Storage Tips: Why Self Storage Units?

Self-Storage spaces such as Hide-Away offers stress & hassle-free storage units that can help you create that extra room for your grandchild while keeping your house tidy and neatly organized. These units will help free your space of unused items and provide temporary shelter for some of your valuable items.

Some self-storage services offer climate-controlled “spare rooms” that are excellent for storing books, photo albums, upholstered and leather furniture, business files, and records, & musical instruments. You’ll, therefore, have the peace of mind that your item will remain in mint condition even in extreme climate conditions.

Most self-storage services will allow you to hire a unit that fits your needs. This will save you hundreds of dollars since you don’t need to hire any extra space that you won’t use. If you’re looking for a temporary solution, you choose a portable storage unit that can be delivered to your home.

Whether you’re worried about space or security, hiring a self-storage unit is a smart move to store your possessions and create room for your family and grandkids. You can use the self-storage “spare room” to:

  • Put mountain-sized toy collections that just can’t fit in your space after the holidays in storage.
  • Store away seasonal decorations
  • Shop for a storage unit to store extra furniture to make room for a crib
  • Store away items in the garage to make room for cars when your family visits
  • Keep items temporary when your grandchild is around as you decide which to sell, donate, or pass on to relatives
  • Safely store valuable musical instruments, artwork, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, family heirlooms, photographs, furniture, special collections, and important documents to protect them from damage whenever your grandkids are around.

How To Baby-Proof The House

Once you have your holiday sleeping arrangements set for your grandchildren and family, you’ll need to do some baby-proofing around to make sure the house is baby-safe. You want to keep the baby away from any harm by creating house-wide safe spaces. Here are a few low-stress approaches to baby-proofing the house:

  • Reinforce all shelving units
  • Put bumper guards on coffee tables and other sharp edges/corners
  • Install electric outlet covers
  • Use cabinet/child safety locks for cabinets
  • Baby-Proof the Bathroom
  • Install Rail or Banister Guards
  • Baby proof the child’s room by avoiding any suffocation hazards, use finger pinch guards, hinge guards, and soft-close safety hinges, among others. ]
  • Install Oven Knob Covers and Lock
  • Barricade the Stairs
  • Lock Up toxic household products such as dishwasher tablets, cleaners, paint, and laundry soap
  • Childproof the pool.
Small boy laying on the wooden floor and playing chess with his grandfather after setting holiday sleeping arrangements

The Bottom Line?

If your grandkids are coming over for the summer holidays or other shorter trips, you want to create comfortable holiday and vacation sleeping arrangements.

By storing away that old couch laying around in the patio, you can create a perfect spot to play games and create art with the little ones. You could also free up your living room to create extra space to throw occasional movie nights with the kids. All these will evoke joy and create memories, which is perfect for more than a good time.

Storage units are an excellent solution when you don’t want to sell or donate your most valuable items and furniture. These highly functional units can also help you store away items that can be passed on to the next grandchild. Call 877-755-1166 today to learn how you can safely keep bulky and valuable pieces to create room for your grandchild’s room or crib.

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