How to Deep Clean a House With Pets

Just like us, our pets also have a rightful need for a clean, organized, and healthy environment. Spring is the best season to fulfill your pets’ happiness by cleaning all their valuable stuff and doing it safely and in the right ways. So, how do you deep clean a house with pets? Elaborated below is the spring-cleaning guide to help you make your pet happy this spring season.

How to Deep Clean a House With Pets: Cleaning the Pet Bowls

how to deep clean a house with pets: start with their dishes

We do love our pets. That’s a fact because we never forget to offer our pets the three meals of the day when they are due. We have really invested in a lot of other stuff to make pets comfortable in our home environment. But how clean are we keeping them? Research has it that pet bowls are among the top 4 most germiest items in a typical house today. Every day they accumulate a lot of bacteria which may badly affect those pets’ health. To avoid this, wash the bowls using hot water and mild soap. Alternatively, use water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. If the bowls are dishwasher safe, go ahead. However, this should happen much more frequently than just in spring. If you’re wondering how to deep clean a house with pets, part of that is keeping things clean all the time.

You are now knowledgeable about how to keep the pet bowls clean. The bowls might also be too old and worn out. Spring cleaning also involves the replacement of old pet bowls with new ones. You might also decide to add to you stock of bowls if you have acquired more pets recently.

Deep Clean Litter Boxes

Spring is the season when you should find it perfect to replace the old litter and give the boxes a thorough clean. How to deep clean a house with pets who use a litter box? First, get some gloves and put them on. Then, empty the litter box and then wash it both inside and outside using warm water and mild soap. The 1:1 water-vinegar solution is also a good substitute. While cleaning, a little scrubbing could be helpful to remove stubborn stains if there are any. If the box has a lid, wash it. not forgetting the scooper. Then air-dry or use a dry cloth to clean the box before adding the new litter.

Clean Pet Collars

how to deep clean a house with pets: clean their clothes aka collars

These are so easy to forget when washing your pets because they are worn and removed after about 8 months. You might also just get used to your pet having a pet collar until it becomes normal to you. You should realize that they carry a lot of dirt. Remember to wash it: remove it and soak it in a pet shampoo solution. When clean, rinse it after about 15 minutes and air-dry it. Have multiple collars so that you can clean and change regularly. Pet-safe cleaning calls for the removal of collars during washing to avoid skin irritation on your pet. This is important for how to deep clean a house with pets.

Clean the Pet Pantry

We are highly dedicated in making sure we don’t run out of food and snack supplies for our pets since we buy them in bulk. However, the shelf lives are long but there are best-by dates. Spring cleaning for your pet should involve getting newer supplies and disposing of those that have lasted beyond the best-by dates. How to deep clean a house with pets is similar to deep cleaning a home without pets in this regard! We all have expired food that needs to be tossed. This reduces the chances of pet food poisoning.

Clean the House

How to deep clean a house with pets: start with the hair removal. Some pets such as dogs shed a lot of hair when it is warm. Use a brush to neaten the hair and to make the hair lie on the body while covering the hairless spots. Use rubber gloves to clean places with dog hair, such as your furniture. Washing and drying these gloves for each place is advisable.

The above spring-cleaning guide will be a useful blueprint every time you want to do spring cleaning for your pets. Further below is a spring-cleaning checklist of items you need to execute this activity.

Cleaning Materials

You need water (warm and hot water depending on the situation), vinegar, mild soap, and pet shampoo as the cleaning reagents A dish washer will also be useful for those pet items that are dishwasher safe. Have a scrubber or brush and some gloves to remove the stubborn dirt and perform other functions. A vacuum cleaner will be necessary for removing hair and debris in and around the house.

First Aid Kits

Get some new items to replace the expired ones in your pet’s emergency kit. Kits meant for people can be used for pets if you replace some of human related items with pet-related items such as anti-bite strips, rabies vaccination equipment, some of your pet’s photos, pet towels, antibiotic ointment and some nail clippers.

Pet Toys

make sure you clean the pet toys

How to clean any house includes decluttering toys and extra things, including those for pets! These include pup balls, tennis balls and any other items that your pet plays with. If dirty, they can be tossed into the dishwasher along with the bowls. If old or simply not present, buy new ones so your pet can be happier; having a hobby at least. If the toys are old, recycling them is also a good option.

Pet Bedding

At spring, buy your pet a new bed if it’s used-up enough. Then, you pet needs a clean place to sleep too just like you do. So, wash your pets bedding in a mix of hot water and a mild detergent. Pet-safe cleaning demands great care when handling these detergents or just stick to soap and water. It also restricts the use of fragrant detergents.

Spring cleaning has now been made easier for you through the tips discussed herein. We wish you and your pets a memorable spring season.