Moving to Parrish, FL Guide

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If you’ve just arrived in Parrish, Florida, you’re probably still amazed by the old Florida charm mixed with modern living, shopping, and recreation. The city has one of the lowest crime rates in Florida and more wide-open, beautiful areas than you can imagine. Affordable and friendly, If you want to know more about Parrish and what it offers before you arrive, the complete guide for moving to the city, below, will be a big help!

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Factors to Consider when Moving to Parrish, FL

Some of the most important factors to know about any town or city, include the cost of living, weather, real estate prices, and recreational opportunities. To help you discover everything about Parrish, Florida, these important factors are listed below, including their pros and cons.

Cost of Living

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You’ll be glad to know that, while it’s not the cheapest place to live in the United States, Parrish, Florida is still relatively affordable. The overall cost of living is 111 / 100, putting it 11 points higher than the national average. The main reason the town isn’t a bit more affordable is the cost of real estate, which we’ll see below is slightly higher than the national average.

That being said, groceries and utilities are all more or less right around 100, meaning they aren’t cheaper but aren’t more expensive than the U.S. average. Healthcare is just slightly below average, but not enough to make a huge difference.

Schools in Parrish, FL

The public school system in Parrish gets a B from Niche, which most students will tell you is a good grade (but admittedly not the best). There are, however, 52 public schools in Parrish,  and several of them get an A or A+ grade. Lakewood Ranch High School in Parrish is the #157 best public high school in the state and gets an A-. It’s highly recommended that you take your time choosing a neighborhood in Parrish so that your children get the best schooling opportunity available.


Besides real estate costs, transportation costs are the highest in Parrish at 110 / 100. That means you’ll spend about 10% more than the average American for things like gasoline, auto insurance, and transportation-related taxes. It’s also worth noting that the average commute in Parrish is 32.5 minutes, a bit longer than most U.S. towns.

Weather in Parrish

This being Florida, it’s not surprising that the weather most of the year is fantastic! Parrish gets over 280 days’ worth of sunshine, and when it rains, rainstorms usually pass through quickly. There will be plenty of time for you to go out and enjoy nature while living here because the weather is awesome most of the year. Yes, summertime can be sweltering, but that only last for about 3 months. Wintertime in Parrish is wonderful with warm days and cool nights and very few freezing days, if any.


There’s so much to do outdoors in this part of Florida that you might have trouble choosing! For example, Parrish is minutes from some of the best beaches on the west coast of the state. As for watersports, boating, fishing, surfing, and jet skiing are only the tip of the iceberg!

Inland, you’ll find huge parks to explore, hike, bike, and jog. Plus, there are golf courses In every direction! From kayaking the wonderful mangroves and watching dolphins and manatees play, to superb golfing, deep-sea fishing, and relaxed beachcombing, there’s never a dull moment in Parrish, Florida!

Real Estate

We mentioned earlier that one reason the cost of living is a little higher in Parrish is that real estate costs are higher here than in other cities. For example, the housing cost index is 125.8, nearly 26 points higher than the U.S. average. The median home cost? $483,400, about $150,000 more than the average U.S. home.

Best Neighborhoods in Parrish, FL

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There are 39 neighborhoods in Parrish Florida, giving you plenty of choices and a wide variety of housing opportunities. We’ve got the Top 5 for you below, but our best advice is to check out every neighborhood because you never know which one you will end up liking the most.

  1. Harrison Ranch– An older neighborhood, where most people own their home.
  2. Twin Rivers– One of the biggest communities with more amenities than most and a location a bit far from the Gulf.
  3. River Wilderness– Quiet, quaint and mostly owned, not rented, homes.
  4. Manatee River Plantation– Younger with more young families, this community is safe and has great schools.
  5. Copperstone– Further inland, Copperstone is quiet and more rural.

Top Things to Do in Parrish, FL

You might not realize that Parrish is strategically located near many of Florida’s major destinations, including Disney World in Orlando and Tampa to the north. However, close by, you’ll find more than enough activities and exciting things to do, including the following.

  • Ellenton Shopping Outlets– Shop till you drop at this excellent outlet mall.
  • Gamble Plantation Historic State Park– Florida history comes to life at this incredible location.
  • Florida Railroad Museum– If you love railroads, everything about railroads, and riding the rails, Florida Railroad Museum will be a treat!
  • River Wilderness Golf and Country Club– One of the best golf courses, in this part of Florida, which is truly saying something.
  • Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex– An ice rink in the middle of Florida’s Gulf Coast?! Yes, and it’s one of the best!

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