Moving to Florida Pros and Cons

Every year, millions of Americans move from “up north” to sunny Florida. There are many pros and cons of moving to Florida, but year-round sunshine, lower living costs, and beautiful beaches are just a few of the perks the Sunshine State offers. Getting away from winter’s frigid cold and snow is another big reason folks set their sights on Florida.

It’s not all peaches and cream in this sun-filled part of the country, though. Florida has a few downsides, from the occasional hurricane that rips through the state to sweltering heat in summer. If you’re moving here, you might be curious about the good and the bad in our state.

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PRO: No More Long, Cold, Winters

Moving to Florida means saying goodbye to winter’s cold and the slush, sleet, snow, and misery it brings. Yes, Florida sees the rare frigid morning, but freezing days are few and far between. Snow? The chance of seeing the white stuff is practically nonexistent. You can sell your snowblower and get rid of your heavy winter clothes when you live here. As for that snow shovel that gives you backaches every winter, you can melt it down into a nice doorstop.

moving to florida pros and cons

CON: Winter Sports Are Nonexistent in Florida

No snow, for many folks, is a blessing they enjoy every day while living in Florida. However, for those who love snow skiing, snowboarding, and building a snow-person, Florida might be a little depressing. There are precisely zero ski resorts in Florida (unless you’re talking about water skiing, of course.) If slushing down snow-capped slopes is your idea of a great day, you’ll need to travel far north of Florida to do it.

PRO: Moving to Florida Means Zero State Income Taxes

If giving your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam isn’t your idea of fun, you’ll love Florida. That’s because Florida is one of only nine states that do not charge state income taxes. Even better, Florida doesn’t have estate taxes or taxes on investments like stocks and bonds, either. Depending on your income, this could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in Florida.

CON: Most Types of Insurance are Expensive in Florida

Unfortunately, Florida sees yearly hurricanes, flooding, and major storms, which can, frankly, be devastating. Over the years, millions of dollars have been lost to extreme weather, which has caused homeowners insurance rates to skyrocket. Also, another con of this list of pros and cons of moving to Florida is that Florida is one of the highest-ranking states for uninsured drivers. Nearly 30% of the people here don’t have car insurance, making it one of the primary causes of higher rates. That makes Florida drastically different (and significantly higher) than most other states regarding their insurance market.

PRO: Moving to Florida Means Outdoor Activity

One of the best reasons to live in Florida is the plethora of outdoor activities you can engage in regularly. Practically the entire state is surrounded by coastline, making water sports extremely popular here. Throw in hot, sunny weather year-round, and you get the perfect location for water-based adventures, including:

  • Yachting
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Beachcombing

If that’s not enough, the sunny climate in Florida is perfect for many other activities and sports, such as:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Camping
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CON: Moving to Florida Can Mean Extreme Weather

Most of the time in Florida, it’s sunny, warm, and relatively pleasant. However, the state experiences extreme weather regularly. Hurricanes are a yearly threat, as well as the powerful tides and flooding they bring. Florida also has the 3rd most tornadoes of any state, which can occur anytime throughout the year.

Incredibly, more people perish from lightning strikes in Florida than any other state due to the thunderstorms we experience. In other words, being prepared and vigilant for extreme weather is a must when living in Florida. By the way, many people rent storage units in Florida to stock up on supplies for when severe weather hits.

PRO: Florida has 1200+ Miles of Coastline & Beaches

An obvious pro on this list of pros and cons of moving to Florida — beaches! Florida’s coastline is extensive from the Florida Panhandle down the eastern side and up the western side. That gives our state miles and miles of some of the best beaches in the world! Indeed, the beaches here are one of the biggest draws for newcomers and tourists alike. If toes in the sand and sun on your face is your idea of paradise, Florida will be fantastic.

moving to florida pros and cons

CON: Florida’s Sales Taxes are Higher Than Most States

We mentioned earlier that Florida doesn’t charge state income taxes, which is excellent. However, sales taxes and other fees are relatively high. The average combined sales tax is about 7%, which is higher than many other states. There are also higher fees in Florida on several services. Renewing your driver’s license and registering your car in the Sunshine State will cost more than many other states.

PRO: The Overall Cost of Living in Florida is Affordable

One last pro about living in Florida is that the cost of living here is relatively affordable. Compared to states like New Jersey, New York, Texas, and California, our cost of living is quite a bit lower. Sure, some of our major cities like Miami are more expensive. Overall, though, our smaller cities and towns are more reasonable than many other states.

Moving to Florida Has Far More Pros than Cons

We think you’ll agree there are more reasons to live in Florida than to not live in Florida. Excellent weather, lower taxes, and outdoor living make Florida very attractive, especially for retirees. Young families love living here also as there’s so much to see and do in our state.

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