Closet Calamity: How to Reclaim Your Closet

Ever notice that your walk-in closet, just runs out of space for no reason? Maybe the door to your closet won’t stay closed? Maybe it feels basically every day that there is more and more junk taking up valuable real estate that you wish you could use? Worry no longer, because your buddies here at Hide-Away Storage have just the solution for you. Well series of solutions really, the first step of which is to start an organizational process. Without further ado, let’s get started.


It is a little utilized area of the closet, but your closet has walls. Walls can have things attached to them, a preference of mine would be towel racks. Why towel racks you ask? Because now you have tie, scarf, and belt racks. They can easily be attached and will make an excellent storage solution to your mounting space crisis.


unlock storage unit

One very good solution, if you are in desperate need of reclaiming your closet, and need everything in it, I would recommend getting a self-storage unit. There are sizes available for every need and price range, and at Hide-Away Storage there are no hidden fees, no contracts, and plenty of helpful people. Find your storage unit today!



In a line of thought as the towel racket, we are going to use something in a less than conventional manner. This time it is brackets. You might be familiar with using them to hold up shelves but flip that upside down and you have a great hanging solution. You will find that now you have plenty more space for hanging clothes as opposed to a regular bar. You can pick them up from pretty much any IKEA and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to install them.



One of the easiest ways to help organize your closet is to get storage containers. Before you run out to Target to go and get four or five of the same container, I’d stress color coordinating. Get a few different colors for a few different things. An example would be red for shoes and yellow for belts. Keeping things organized will dramatically open space in an otherwise crowded space. Like a real-life game of Tetris.



This in many ways goes along with the above, color coordinated containers, but handled a little bit differently. Organize your drawers by activity – work, weekends, workouts, relaxing at home watching Netflix. This will speed up your ability to find what you want and help keep your life organized a little bit more. A more well-organized closet will result in a less cluttered closet.

This is just a jumping off point. There is one last point that should be brought up for a closet organization strategy, and that is to purge the closet of your lesser worn clothes or the things that don’t fit anymore. If that is a route that you ultimately go down, I would recommend donating the items rather than throwing them away.