Show Small Business Support: 5 Tips

Small businesses are as American as apple pie. You’ll find them in every city and every town, grinding hard every day to sell their products and services. The truth is, small businesses are disappearing by the thousands. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to learn how to support a friend’s small business. In this article, we’ll explore the best tips we have to show small business support. So read on, and let’s save some small businesses this holiday season!

Show Small Business Support: 5 Tips

Tip #1: Show Small Business Support By Shopping There First

Let’s all admit; sometimes it’s just easier to order something online. We can all show small business support by shopping locally and choosing small first. Sure, you might have to leave your house, but BONUS, you don’t have to wait two days for shipping! And, depending on what you need, the quality at a local business is usually superior. They want your business and will work hard to keep you satisfied. Shopping locally is the best way to show small business support.

Tip #2: Like and Follow The Business’ Social Media Pages

These days every local small business has at least one social media page (if not several). There they share announcements, post information, and show off their wares. The thing about social media is that the more it’s shared, the better results it will have. That goes the same for ‘likes,’ as well as comments and interaction. It goes far beyond ‘likes’ these days. There are many ways to show small businesses your support that goes above and beyond likes! Below are a few ways to show small business support through social media:

  • ‘Like’ their page and posts
  • Share their page and posts
  • Leave a comment on their page
  • Recommend their page to others
  • If it’s a restaurant, share their menu on social media, or some pics of their delicious food!
  • If it’s a store, show off what you bought and tag the social media page in your post!
Show Small Business Support: 5 Tips

Tip #3: Volunteer to Help Your Friend’s Small Business

Are you wondering how to support a friend’s small business? Helping out is the perfect way to show small business support! No matter what products or services they provide, every business needs people to make it run. The problem is, paying workers for smaller tasks can be a big financial bite for small businesses. That’s why, if you believe in the business, and want it to succeed, lending an occasional hand is excellent. 

Tip #4: Show Small Business Support By Buying Giftcards

Not sure that to give For Christmas or Hanukkah this year? If you can’t make up your mind, purchase a gift card from a local business instead. People love gift cards because it allows them to buy what they want. (Thanks for the knitted socks, grandma.) Plus, gift cards don’t expire, and they’re easy to wrap! It’s a great gift and an excellent way to show small business support.

Tip #5: Don’t Cancel on a Small Business. Reschedule.

If you’ve scheduled an event with a local company, and something comes up, don’t cancel it! Show small business support by rescheduling it. A wedding, for example. If you still plan to get married but have to change plans, change them if possible with all your wedding vendors. That goes for any other type of event. If you need to change your plans, try your best to change them rather than cancel small business services. This also goes a long way when you’re looking into how to support your friend’s small business.

Bonus Tip: Shop Local, Not Online

Yes, for some things, shopping online is super convenient. But, let’s be honest; there are many things you could quickly get yourself locally. A short trip to the store is sometimes all it takes. Even better, you’ll get outside, see some people, and get a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for how to support a friend’s small business, this is a perfect way! Say ‘no’ to online shopping (sometimes) and ‘yes’ to buying from their small business!

By the way, if you really want to know how to support a friend’s small business, help them get organized! At HideAway Storage, we support small businesses with affordable storage units. You could rent one and help them get their inventory fully organized! (The more organized a business, the better it can run!)

Supporting small businesses is the life-blood of many communities around the United States. It drives the local economy and puts millions of good people to work. We hope you’ll decide to show small business support using the five tips we gave today. Let them show you how small businesses built this fine country of ours. Thank you for all you do to support small businesses every day!