How to Rent a Storage Unit: An Easy Guide

Are you running out of room in your home because of all your stuff? Or maybe you’ve just sold your home, but your new home isn’t ready yet? Or as an empty nester, you might be cleaning out a spare bedroom to repurpose it for another activity. Whatever the situation, if you’ve got stuff to store, you’ll need a storage unit. And the good news is that Hide Away Storage is here to help you find out how to rent a storage unit with our easy, step-by-step guide!

Storage units are the best way to store just about everything, both short and long-term. Storage units come in various sizes to fit any amount of stuff. From the contents of a college dorm to a massive house, there’s a storage unit that’s right for you. Some are even temperature-controlled if what you’ve got to store needs protection from extreme temperatures.

Options aside, the most pressing question many people ask is how to rent a storage unit? If that’s you, the information below will be very helpful. It’s the top tips on how to rent a storage unit! Sound good? Then read on to discover the facts and rent the perfect storage unit for your needs!

how to rent a storage unit

How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

As we mentioned earlier, storage units come in a variety of sizes. They start as small as 5’x4’ and, in some self-storage locations, are as large as 10’X40’. (That’s bigger than a 2-car garage.) Sure, if you only have the contents of your dorm room to store, picking the smallest storage unit is easy. But what if you have a two-bedroom, two-bath condominium? And what about if you want to store your car in the same storage unit with your things? What size storage unit should you rent for this situation and many others? The answer is to figure out how much storage space you need beforehand. Below we’ve got a quick guide to help you do exactly that.

5’x5’ Storage Unit

A 5’x5’ storage unit is perfect if you have a very small amount of things to store. For example, the contents of a dorm room or possibly a single bedroom.

5’x10’ Storage Unit

This size storage unit will fit a studio apartment. (A one-bedroom apartment might fit in this size storage unit also.)

5’x15’ Storage Unit

If you stack things carefully, a one or two-bedroom apartment will fit in a 5’x15’ storage unit.

10’x10’ Storage Unit

The contents of a two or three-bedroom apartment will fit in this size storage unit. A two-bedroom home, when loaded correctly, should also fit inside a 10’x10’ storage unit.

10’x15’ Storage Unit

This size is perfect for a two-bedroom home with a little extra room to spare. You could also rent this size storage unit for a studio apartment and a pair of motorcycles.

10’x20’ Storage Unit

The contents of a three to four-bedroom house will fit in a 10’x20’ storage unit quite well. You could also store a one-bedroom apartment and a compact car.

10’x25’ Storage Unit

The same three to four-bedroom house will fit in this storage unit. Also, a one-bedroom apartment and midsize car.

10’x30’ Storage Unit

If you have a four to five-bedroom home, this size storage unit is good. A two-bedroom apartment and full-size car will also fit inside. At 300 square feet, it gives you as much space as a two-car garage.

10’x40’ Storage Unit

This final storage unit is massive, about the size of a 3-car garage. The contents of a McMansion would easily fit in this when stacked correctly. Some people also store large vehicles including trailers, campers, and boats.

Tip: It’s always best to figure out what size you need (approximately) and then go up one size. You’ll have room to move around if you need to grab anything out of your unit. Deciding what size unit to get is one of the hardest parts of figuring out how to rent a storage unit. So we hope this guide has helped you.

how to rent a storage unit

What Type of Storage Do You Want

Once you’ve determined (approximately) what size storage unit you need, your next task is to determine the type. There are three, including:

  1. Drive-up storage unit
  2. Interior storage unit
  3. Temperature-controlled storage unit

All three types allow you to store almost the same items, with some subtle but important differences.

Drive-up Storage

As the name suggests, you can drive right up with your vehicle to this storage unit. That makes loading and unloading your things easier, faster, and more convenient. However, most drive-up storage units are not temperature-controlled. Whatever the temperature is outside, a drive-up unit will typically be the same or hotter inside. We recommend renting a drive-up storage unit for heavy or bulky items you don’t want to carry far.

Interior Storage Options

You’ll find interior storage units at larger self-storage facilities with warehouse-like buildings. These units are inside the building. To get to them, you need to go through the main entrance. Depending on its location, you might have a short or long walk to your unit. You might also need to use an elevator if your storage unit is on an upper floor. However, one perk of an interior storage unit is temperatures don’t get as hot or cold as outside.

how to rent a storage unit

Temperature-controlled Storage Unit

Typically interior, temperature-controlled storage units control the temperature so that it doesn’t spike. These units are made to store fragile, valuable, or otherwise delicate things that extreme temps can damage. (Hot or cold.)

Final Step: Reserve Your Hide Away Storage Unit

Once you have decided on the size and type of storage unit you want, your last step is to reserve it. There are a couple of ways to do that.

  1. Visit the Hide-Away self-storage location nearest you in Florida. The onsite manager will arrange everything and get you completely situated.
  2. Call 877-755-1166. A self-storage specialist will help you choose the right location and set up your storage unit reservation. You can do this anytime you like, including weeks before you need your storage unit. (Many people reserve a storage unit ahead of time to ensure it’s ready and waiting when they arrive.) There’s no deposit, no credit card needed, and no extra fees. Plus, we only rent month-to-month, so you’ll never get stuck in a long-term contract.

We hope today’s tips on how to rent a storage unit have been very helpful. If you have more questions or need help, please call Hide-Away at 877-755-1166 today. Hide-Away self-storage serves the entire Sunshine State!