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One of the biggest questions in the storage game is when to get storage, and the answer is always the same. You should get storage when you need space. This is pretty much the only time in storage where there is a one-size fits-all answer, so enjoy that while it lasts. In this post we will discuss the reasons that may have driven you to need a storage unit, and what we can do to help you out.



If ever there was a good reason to need storage, it is because you suddenly have a multi-thousand pound vehicle taking up drive way space that is only good for aquatic travel. There are a few things to consider before storing a boat, not the least of which is what variety of parking would best suit your needs and your budget. We would strongly recommend that you look into covered parking for the best possible protection for your boat. This will help keep it out of the sun and prevent hail damage as well as mitigate other risks that would exist for boat specific storage.


Sure, a part of you thinks this is the exact same as with the boat, but let me assure you that it is an entirely different reason. You now share a space with a whole other living thing, and they will need their space just as you need your own. There is nothing wrong with that, but you will likely need to clear a space so that they can have their home office. This is the perfect reason to look into some personal storage. Well that and for holiday decoration storage. Whether it be for marriage or a a new born child, there are no shortage of reasons to need a little more room at home. This is the perfect time to make room for what matters most.


Kind of the exact opposite of your family growing is the reality that you now have much more space than you need. Your kids have grown, and now you find yourself wandering empty halls, remembering the years that have now gone by. It might be time to consider downsizing your home, you don’t need five empty bedrooms. In the meantime, it makes sense to put what isn’t being used into storage. This will help bridge the gap between your old home and your new, slightly smaller, home. This is a difficult transition to make, owing in large part to the lifetime of memories that are in the family home, but there is a season for all things.


More often than not, it is just time for you to get your garage back, and there isn’t some large life event that triggers it. Sometimes you just need some more storage space, and now is always the best time to act. If you are unsure of how much space you need, get in touch with a local storage company, their friendly staff will always be there to help you make the decision that makes the most sense to you.

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