What is it Like to Live in St Petersburg, FL?

Skyline view of St. Petersburg FL

Rich in culture, St. Petersburg, Florida, offers a vibrant blend of gorgeous beaches, urban living, and sunny weather. However, there’s more to the city than those three admittedly attractive attributes. If you’re moving to St. Petersburg and want to know more about the city before you arrive, you’re in luck! Below, we’ll tell you what living in St. Petersburg is like, including the weather, things to do, cost of living, and more. If discovering more about St. Pete before you get here is your goal, read on.

The Cost of Living is Perfectly Average

Depending on the city, some will be more expensive than others. St. Petersburg is perfectly average. The cost-of-living index is 102/100, only two points above the national average. Even better, housing and transportation costs are several points lower than the national average. However, utilities, healthcare, and groceries are just slightly above it. St. Petersburg can’t be called super affordable, but it’s also far from expensive.

The Weather is Wonderful (Mostly)

One of the biggest reasons folks move to St. Pete is the weather, which is subtropical. That means you’ll find hot, humid summers but mild and attractive winters. Indeed, with nearly 280 days of sunshine per year, there will be far more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors than not in St. Petersburg. The comfort index tells the accurate tale of St. Pete. In summer, it’s 2.1/10, which is relatively poor, but in winter, it’s 9.2/10, which is spectacular.

Superb Beaches are Close

Florida is well known for having some of the best beaches in the United States, and St. Petersburg is no exception. Several stunning beaches are nearby, including St. Pete Beach, Fort De Soto Park, and Clearwater Beach. There, you’ll find crystal-clear turquoise waters, powdery sugar sand, and more shells than you can shake a stick at.

Beautiful, Attractive Neighborhoods

Aerial view of St. Petersburg, FL during a sunrise

Like most larger cities in Florida, St. Petersburg has many neighborhoods with many different amenities. There are over 110 neighborhoods and business associations in St. Pete, meaning you’ll need to do your due diligence to find the one that fits you and your family’s needs. The 8 best neighborhoods in St. Petersburg (according to local real estate agents) include the following;

Downtown St. Petersburg- Located, as you might’ve guessed, in the heart of St. Petersburg. It offers a lively urban lifestyle, various cultural attractions, and a vibrant arts scene. There are also several beautiful waterfront parks to enjoy.

Old Northeast- One of the more historic neighborhoods in St. Pete, Old Northeast offers charming, tree-lined streets and classic architecture. Pair that with its strong sense of community; you have a great place to raise a family.

Coquina Key- This is waterfront living at its best in a community with a laid-back, island-like lifestyle and easy water access.

Gulfport- Eclectic, artsy, and quirky, Gulfport will appeal to anyone with a unique sense of self and a longing for a strong community.

Kenwood- Charming and diverse, Kenwood features beautiful and historic bungalows and a thriving arts scene.

Shore Acres- This family-friendly neighborhood has beautiful waterfront views and is close to some of the area’s best schools and parks, making it ideal for younger families.

Tierra Verde- If you seek an island lifestyle with upscale homes and beautiful marinas, Tierra Verde is the perfect choice.

Historic Uptown- With a good mix of modern and historic homes and a high level of walkability, Historic Uptown will appeal to anyone seeking a balance of urban convenience and old-world charm.

St. Pete Offers Many Fun and Exciting Things to Do

Young Couple looking at art on a wall

As you’ll see by our list below, there’s no time to be bored when you live in St. Petersburg!

The Dali Museum: Explore the works of surrealist artist Salvador Dali at The Dali Museum, featuring an impressive collection of his art.

Sunken Gardens: Enjoy the serene beauty of lush tropical gardens at Sunken Gardens, a historic botanical paradise.

Mahaffey Theater: Catch a live performance or concert at the Mahaffey Theater, the premier entertainment venue in St. Pete.

Chihuly Collection: Stare in awe at the stunning glass art creations of Dale Chihuly at the Chihuly Collection.

Boat Tours: Explore Tampa Bay and its wildlife on a boat tour. Dolphin Landings Charter Boat Center and Tampa Bay Ferry & Taxi are 2 of the best.

Museum of Fine Arts: Visit the Museum of Fine Arts to see its impressive collection of works from various epochs.

Craft Breweries: Enjoy (responsibly) St. Petersburg’s craft beer scene by visiting local breweries like Green Bench Brewing Co. and 3 Daughters Brewing.

The Morean Arts Center: Discover contemporary art and participate in art classes at The Morean Arts Center.

Tropicana Field: Catch a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game at Tropicana Field.

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art: Visit The James Museum to explore the American West through captivating art.

Murals and Street Art: Take a self-guided tour of the vibrant murals that adorn the city’s walls.

Bicycling: Enjoy picturesque bike rides along the city’s many bike trails and paths.

Tampa is Only 23 Miles Away

While there is plenty to do in St. Petersburg, the magnificent city of Tampa, Florida, is only 23 miles away. That exponentially improves your opportunities for culture, art, dining, music, sports, and more! A day trip into Tampa is no problem when you live in St. Petersburg! (Go, Bucs!)

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