Time to Dress Up the House and Scare Kids

Maybe Halloween isn’t exactly your ideal holiday, but you must admit, it is the second-best holiday as a kid. Think about it. What other holiday can I, a child, dress up as a superhero and demand candy from my neighbors under threat of property damage? Well, sure I could do that every day, but on Halloween it’s cute. All of that to say, Halloween is in a couple of days, so it is time to get around to decorating the house, inside and out. Here are a couple of last minute decorating ideas that won’t kill a whole day.


No carve is a bit of a stretch. You still need to cut a mouth hole equivalent. Pop some of those plastic vampire fangs in there and you have a last-minute Jack-O-Lantern. I’ll be real though, a piece of me dies a little bit with that recommendation, all the fun is in the carving. This, however, is what you get for not setting carving time aside earlier.


I’m going out on a limb, and if you have mason jars of one sort or another, get some water and food coloring, maybe some weeds from the yard. For an added creep factor, put a fake limb in the tincture, even better if it moves slightly in the jar. It’ll terrify guests young and old.



Not a great outdoor decoration, but man do they go well with fruity cocktails. Get an ice cube tray, fill with gummy worms and water, pop those suckers in the freezer and you are good to go. You now have two routes ahead of you as I see it, to tell people or not to tell people. I’d not personally. Let them take a long drink of punch and suddenly discover your gummy surprise. Unless your friends hate fun, it should go over well.



They are often just a bundle of sticks really and truly, we just made it sound fancy by calling it a wreath. Anyway, what you’ll want to do is paint a Christmas wreath. That’s it really. Do pretty much whatever you want to the thing, I personally am a fan of layered dark red. It gives this great blood look, which helps with the Halloween aesthetic. Depending on the mood you are setting for the evening, you might want to go with a more traditional orange and black pattern.  Worst case, you can run by Walmart for a pre-made one.



Ever watch a scary movie, where there is a killer’s layer and all the tools of the trade just hanging in the window? That’s what we are shooting for here. With a little bit of construction paper and scissors, cut out an outline of the murder implements of choice. Tape them to the inside of your window come Halloween and turn the lights on with the curtains drawn. Popular ones like chainsaws and axes will surely turn heads.

As always these are just some places to get started. If you have any other or better ideas, I know I would love to hear them. If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend rummaging through your closets for ratty clothes to repurpose or old mannequin parts to use.

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