The Windy Hills of Zephyrhills

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That’s what it means. Zephyr refers to wind, traditionally it’s the name of the western wind. No, really. I’ll wait while you google it. Though, oddly, it is not that windy. Also, not that many hills. So, kind of a misnomer there, but that isn’t important. What is important is how Zephyrhills is a great place to live. Unless you’re trying to find a great place to fly a kite, or you always wanted to reenact that song from the Sound of Music. If, however, neither of those things your secret key to happiness, then Zephyrhills is exactly the place for you. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Zephyrhills your new home.

Good School Districts

There is no doubt that at least on some level, living in a place with good school districts matters. I’m single, with no kids, and still choose to live in places with good school districts. Zephyrhills has some great school districts, especially for younger kids. Specific stand-out would be Sand Pine Elementary which tops all the local area charts. This is a great school for kids up through fifth grade, which serves to build a strong foundation upon which the rest of their academic career can be built. Start your kids out strong, start them out in Sand Pine Elementary.

Pretty Nice Year Round

This isn’t exactly special to Zephyrhills, rather it is just something true of Florida, but should still be brought up. It does not often get much lower than 50 degrees outside, that’s a touch colder than in other parts of Florida, but it is nice to lord that over relatives that live in Colorado experiencing freezing temperatures almost immediately. That said, the defined seasonality is awesome. Having a variety of outfits depending on the time of year really allows a great degree of freedom, and helps justify more diverse wardrobes.

Housing Prices are LOW

Housing in Zephyrhills is cheap. Literally measured at about half as much as the national average (median home cost is $93,800 vs $185,800). That’s huge, and frees up a lot of money towards things that you really care about like travel or whatever expensive hobbies you pick up now that your home costs literally half what it would have otherwise. This housing decrease applies to rent as well, so if you haven’t been entirely sold on the location, stay for a little bit and find out for yourself if this is the place for you.

A Short Drive to Tampa

If you are working in Tampa, but don’t want to pay Tampa suburb prices, Zephyrhills is perfect. It is a short commute from Zephyrhills to Tampa. What this means is that, while Zephyrhills doesn’t have much in term of activity, it is close enough to Tampa for that to not matter on a fundamental level. Instead, take a day trip to Tampa, or hang around a little longer after work to do whatever it is that you want to do.

Zephyrhills is a great place to live, it is cheap and offers a great place for young kids to learn and grow up. It is nearby to a major city, offering all the entertainment that the city can give. Zephyrhills is a great place and someplace that you should consider if you are going to be working in the Tampa area.

If after you move to your new home to Zephyrhills, you realize you need extra storage, you should consider getting a self-storage unit. This lets you maintain a sizable living space without making any real sacrifices. Come and check us out!

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