The 5 Best Restaurants in Parrish, FL

Who hasn’t been at the point where defrosting a tray of frostbitten chicken nuggets just isn’t cutting it? That feeling only multiplies when you know for a fact that there is a whole world of delicious and affordable food just outside your door. If you don’t have a single idea on where to start, welcome to the club and strap yourself in for a quick guide to five of the best restaurants in Parrish, FL. Also throw away those chicken nuggets, you deserve better.

PJ’s Sandwich Shop

girls eating sandwiches at a restaurant in parrish fl

A staple restaurant of the Parrish, FL area and for good reason: they make a mean sandwich. PJ’s Sandwich shop is easily one of the best sandwich shops in the county. Some might even contend that they are the best sandwich shop in the state. Having operated locally for thirty years, they are more than just a sandwich shop, they are a real part of the community and well worth a visit if you are in the area. Be warned, they are only open for lunch, or the earliest dinner you could imagine. Their Italian is well worth the trip and we could not recommend them more.


tacos from gulley's in parrish fl

Eponymously the “Home of the Mullet by Gullet,” Gulley’s, this local seafood restaurant offers some incredible fish at hard to beat prices. While Gulley’s famously offers the mullet – and it is some delicious mullet – they have a wide array of other specialty dishes including their Stone Crab Chowder and the Grouper Tacos. No matter what you order, there is something to please at this overlooked Tampa area eatery. It’s truly one of our favorite restaurants in Parrish, FL.

C&K Smokehouse BBQ

generic rack of ribs with a side of coleslaw

Who in their right mind doesn’t like barbeque? There is something communal about the whole affair, the portions are enormous, coming with sides that are enough to count as a separate meal, and there is of course the shared bite or two. C&K Smokehouse offers all of that and more, and being a family-owned and operated establishment means that eating their delectable foods helps support local businesses and restaurants in Parrish FL. That’s something to be proud of – and the ribs are no joke either.

Michelangelo 301 Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

the best cannolis you can find at a restaurant in parrish fl is at Michelangelo 301 Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Ever hear the expression that there is no bad pizza? Well… that’s wrong. But you won’t even think that when at Michelangelo 301. Once you walk in and smell the garlic, you know you are in for a treat. This Parrish, FL restaurant is delicious. For the best pizza experience, we recommend Grandma’s Sicilian followed by some cannoli.

Simple Mexican Grill

deconstructed burrito bowl

Do not let the name fool you. While Simple Mexican Grill may be the name of the game, that does not mean you are getting some half-baked excuse for a tamale. No, what you receive when eating at Simple Mexican is a pared-down Mexican food experience. They put a focus on quality and take care to make sure that every customer exits the restaurant satisfied. This starts by making all their food from scratch to ensure that you get the perfect bite every time.