Spring-Cleaning Guide for You

Spring cleaning involves cleaning an entire house thoroughly, room by room, and from top to bottom. During the cleaning exercise, homeowners also clean up areas that they do not clean regularly, such as on top of bookshelves and beneath carpets. You should also declutter your garage during spring cleaning.

Different people have different preferences regarding when to do spring cleaning. Generally, the cleanup exercise starts anywhere from the beginning of March until the end of April. Spring cleaning allows homeowners to head start on hectic seasons of spring and summer.

Before the beginning of spring cleaning, visualize your preferred setup. Experts recommend homeowners to take some time to visualize how they would like your living space to look like. Getting clear on your ideal set up is an important place to start.

Insights for Spring Cleaning

Have the Right Cleaning Tools

Make sure you have all the tools in your spring-cleaning checklist and test whether your vacuum is working. Some experts recommend using microfiber cleaning supplies as they can pick up germs and hold onto them until you throw your microfiber back into the wash.

Start with your Bedroom


When you sleep, your bedsheets become home to dead skin cells, hair, lotion, and sweat. You may also pick up things such as pet dander or pollen, which may trigger allergic reactions. Dead skin cells also attract dust mites and allow them to multiply rapidly. According to medical experts, dust mites and their droppings are common causes of allergies.

Clean Room-by-Room

Cleaning your home room by room is an effective way to deep clean it. Focus on areas in your home that need extra cleaning. You can skip items that have been cleaned recently and focus on others that have been neglected all winter long.

Organize and Declutter


One of the main tasks during spring cleaning work is getting rid of the clutter that you no longer need in your home. Take advantage of the spring season to clear the clutter and begin fresh with a better lifestyle.

Involve the Family


If you need some help with the spring-cleaning work, seek help from family members. A helper may make a huge difference in the workload. You can play some music or establish a family reward to attract more helpers.

Minimimal Cleaning Products

Cleaning stores are stocked of a wide variety of commercial products to help you make the cleaning work easier, but the variety can be overwhelming for most homeowners. Dozens of cleaning products mean more items to clutter up your cabinets.

Avoid buying all the cleaning products and opt for supplies such as all-purpose cleaners and microfiber cloths. Some people also prefer using homemade cleaning solutions to save some money and protect the environment.

Top Reasons for Spring Cleaning

Sharpen Your Focus


If your environment is cluttered, it will have a negative impact on your ability to focus. According to some researchers, clutter also limits the ability of your brain to handle information. An organized and serene environment helps to avoid distractions and to improve your ability to process information.

Relieving Stress


The more the clutter in your home, the more the stress. According to some mental experts, spring cleaning can help to reduce your stress levels by up to 20%. Using lemon-scented cleaning products is effective when it comes to relieving stress.

Remembering the Good Times

The cleanup exercise can help you to have a moment of nostalgia. De-cluttering involves sorting out old pictures, finding art that your kids did in preschool, and some tickets to concerts you went with your friends.

Avoiding Allergic Reactions


Most people tend to assume that pollen is the only trigger for allergic reactions. However, according to some doctors, dust and pet dander are also major asthma triggers, especially in children.

Saving Money


Spring cleaning can help you to save money. One of the main cleaning tasks is vacuuming refrigerator coils. The coils help to keep your food cool by releasing the hot air that is pulled inside the appliance.

Failure to clean the coils will result in the accumulation of dust in your fridge, and it will require more energy to work properly. The buildup of dust will also shorten the lifespan of your appliance.

Spring cleaning will help you to avoid buying duplicates. The cleaning work will help you to keep track of things and hence no need to spend money on buying replacements or getting rid of clutter later on.

You may also find stacks of unread magazines when spring cleaning, and that is an indication of wasted money. The cleaning exercise helps you to realize how much money you wasted on unnecessary expenses and avoiding such purchases. For example, if you find the unread magazines, cancel the subscriptions and save the money or use it on other items.

The clutter in your home may force you to look for additional storage space. For example, some people may opt for storage bins and storage sheds. Spring cleaning helps to identify unnecessary items that you do not need to store in your home. Avoid paying for things that you do not need nor use.

Hire a Spring-Cleaning Service



Before you make your final decision on whether to hire a cleaning service or not, interview them. Other than interview a company representative, ensure that you also interview the personnel who will do the work.

Ask for Background Checks

A cleaning service will have access to your personal items. Therefore, the cleaners should be trustworthy. Hire a company that carries out background checks on their workers and maintains adequate liability insurance.

The Pricing of Services

Experts consider several factors when calculating the total cost for spring cleaning. For example, a cleaning service will consider the services that you need, the frequency of visits, and the size of your home.

Ask whether the company charges hourly or depending on a project. Avoid asking for estimates through the phone as most service providers are willing to visit your home and make accurate estimates for free.

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