Southeastern Guide Dog Walk-a-thon in Sarasota

It is with great pride and pleasure that we discuss a cause that is near and dear to our hearts – the Southeastern Guide Dog Walk-a-thon. This event helps to ensure that a new generation of guide dogs may be raised to help those in need. We wanted to take the time to talk about this beautiful event that is coming to Sarasota this month. It is a wonderful opportunity for the whole family. With no further gilding the lily and no more adieu, we want to talk about why you should come to the Southeastern Guide Dog Walk-a-thon in Sarasota.


Fun for the Whole Family

The biggest reason you should come to this local event is that there are few things in the world that are quite as much fun for the whole family as spending a day playing with dogs. If that isn’t really your thing, we will pretend we understand, but there are plenty of other things to do at this event. There are live musicians, food trucks, a beer garden and a great play area for the kids. There are great opportunities to volunteer and peruse local businesses. In short, it is a great excuse to spend a whole day outside without worry.

It’s a Great Cause

It is difficult to take the side of an argument where you argue against helping the blind. It’s a great cause, and that should be enough. All the money raised through this event goes to help Southeastern Guide Dog Inc, a local non-profit that raises and trains guide dogs for the blind. If you would like to be involved in this great cause, don’t worry your little head! There are plenty of volunteer and donation opportunities to help support the hard work that is done. If you’re interested in taking that jump, follow this link to find out more. Maybe you’ll even sign up to help raise some puppies.

It’s Free to Attend


While there are very few free lunches to be found in the world there are plenty of free events that are still great. Now you might be wondering how it’s free to attend if the plan is to help raise money, and that is a perfectly valid question. Much of the money raised comes from sponsors looking to help a noble cause and support those who need our help the most. Among those sponsors are your friends down at Hide-Away Storage who are proud to say that this is a passion for us.

Whatever ultimately motivates you to come down and see us at the Southeastern Guide Dog Walk-a-thon, we look forward to seeing you there. It is thanks to the support of people like you that events like this can take place, and we are elated that they do. For more information about this wonderful event, follow this link and you can find a wealth of information. If this date doesn’t work for you, there are other events in surround Florida cities in the coming months. We would love to see you there!