Something New, Something Sarasota

Sarasota is an impressive little town, in fact I don’t really feel comfortable referring to it as either little or a town; it isn’t quite a city either though. It is in this weird liminal space between the two. Burg, can we go with burg. Nope, borough, let’s borrow that New York language for a second, because it is appropriate here I think. Regardless of the language used to describe it, Sarasota is impressive. In lieu of bragging about its cost of living, impressive school system, or its proximity to Bradenton, I am going to talk about what makes Sarasota such a fun place to live. That means focusing on the things you can do here that are special; the things that make Sarasota a great place to live.

Mote Marine Aquarium

I know it sounds a little odd to go to an aquarium when you live along the bay, but hear me out for a second. This aquarium features two touch tanks, which offers a great opportunity for younger kids to grow comfortable with sea life. While that isn’t necessarily a pusher for more adult visitors, it is something to know walking in. What is great for people of all ages would probably be the 135,000-gallon shark habitat – which happens to be the only shark research center recognized by congress. If you’re like me, you want to see some hard science happening at the aquarium, some sort of research to ensure that these creatures will exist for generations to come. Mote has many fully functional labs that visitors can view, which is unique and pretty cool. You should check it out.

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art


Yes, those Ringlings. The ones famous for the circus? Yep. They made an art museum. I was just as shocked to find out about it as I am to write about it. Mostly because the thing is cool, open every day – making it a great summer activity for the family – and rotating installations from the Ringling’s Asian art holdings. It is a sizable collection that would take years of dedicated visits to see the full breadth of. If you want to learn a bit more about art, there is a 125-person lecture hall that is available and open to the public, often host to artists and art historians alike to increase public knowledge on different pieces and collections that are available for viewing.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens


It’s a zoo. Well, sort of. Cause it is a zoo, just not really what you think when someone says “zoo.” It is something of a preserve, but again that’s not a great descriptor. Visitors can freely interact with most of the animals, except for the aggressive things like the crocodiles and alligators. There are over 200 animals who make their home throughout the park, and for many this is the closest that you could get to observing them in the wild. It is a truly unique experience that is unlike any other in the area. Probably more extensive than that, as it is unlike anything I have heard of in the continental United States.

Sarasota has plenty to offer on its own merits, and of course many of these things are family friendly because it is a small borough, and deserves a little bit of attention. It makes a truly great place to live, and I know it would be a great place to call home.

If you move down, and find that you either have too much stuff after the move, or you just start collecting things after having lived there for a time and the clutter is starting to overtake the house, consider getting some storage. It will let you hold onto your precious memories without having to sacrifice space in your home to do so.