RV Road Trip for Beginners: 3 BEST Spots

The United States is a vast country filled with a variety of incredible landmarks, landscapes, and people. If you’re planning a bit of adventure travel, there’s no shortage of amazing things to see and do. Before you pack the RV and hit the road this travel season, check out these top spots and read on for the best RV road trip for beginners.

RV Road Trip for Beginners: Yosemite National Park

RV Road Trip for Beginners: The BEST Destinations

If nature is your thing, Yosemite is a must-see. This vast national park is filled with a range of fun outdoor activities and natural wonders. Make sure you pay a visit to Old Faithful so you can see this famed geyser for yourself. There’s plenty of amazing nature to behold here including tall granite cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, and even giant sequoia trees. If you visit in the warm months, you’ll see an incredible array of wildlife including bears, bison, elk, and maybe even a wolf or two. Always be sure to follow the park rules and never disturb or get too close to wildlife.

Yosemite is a wonderful experience for both kids and adults. Find out if they have any summer activities for kids scheduled before you go. There are programs, hikes, and much more available to the public so you can enjoy the park with a group and a knowledgeable park ranger. For the adults, there’s the Ansel Adams Gallery where you can view some of the famous photographer’s most beloved photographs. There’s no shortage of incredible things to see and do when you pay a visit to this beloved national park.

RV Road Trip for Beginners: Grand Canyon

RV Road Trip for Beginners: The BEST Destinations

Of all the wonders throughout the United States, the Grand Canyon has long been a place of awe-inspiring beauty. With approximately 5.5 million visitors each year, this one-mile deep canyon makes for some truly incredible photographs and a memento that will last a lifetime. The majority of park visitors head to the South Rim which can be reached by a free park shuttle bus. You can also take your personal vehicle if you choose. This part of the Grand Canyon is open all year and offers truly breathtaking views.

Ten miles from the South Rim is the North Rim which sees fewer visitors annually, but the view is no less inspiring. This part of the Grand Canyon has a shorter season that lasts between mid-May and mid-October. Lodging is available between those dates, so check in advance if you want to book your stay in this area. Cavernous rocks and amazing sunsets create an inspiring view you’ll cherish forever.

RV Road Trip for Beginners: Visit the Big Apple

RV Road Trip for Beginners: The BEST Destinations

Nothing says America quite like New York City. If you’re traveling to this amazing city, there’s no shortage of things to see and do. A trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty is an inspirational sight to behold. If you plan ahead, you might be able to catch a Broadway show, too! If you’re bringing the kids in tow, take them to the top of the Empire State Building for an incredible view of the city below. At night, you can visit Times Square and see all the neon lights and signs in their lit-up glory.

How To Prep Your RV For a Cross-Country Road Trip

So now that you know where you’re going on your beginner RV road trip, we’ve got some tips and trips for those just starting out.

Get You RV Tuned Up Before You Go

Like any vehicle, an RV needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. Before you go on a long cross-country road trip, getting it tuned up is an excellent idea. Having all of the fluids changed, including the oil, coolant, and so forth, is vital. Checking the tires to make sure they still have plenty of treads is also important. The last thing you want is to be out on the road with a flat tire (or more than one of them). Make sure all of the important systems are checked as well, including water, electricity, and propane if you have it. Basically, you want to make sure that everything about your RV is ready to work perfectly. That way, during your cross country odyssey, you can concentrate on having a great time. Here’s a quick list of what should be done:

  • Change the oil and oil filter.
  • Fill the windshield washing liquid.
  • Check the tires and repair or replace them if needed.
  • Check the systems, including water, electricity, and gas.
  • Make sure all electronics are working correctly. (Awning, slide-out, CB, stereo, TV, radio, TV, etc.)
  • Check the seals on all windows and doors.
  • Make sure your propane tank is full.

Purchase Non-Perishable Food

Days and weeks on the road can make you super hungry! Now, sure, you can stop at restaurants along the way. But, let’s be honest, what’s the sense of having a kitchen on wheels if you don’t cook for yourself? That’s why, before you leave, stocking up on non-perishable food is a great idea. Things like salt and pepper, sugar, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, spices, and olive oil. You know, all the good stuff! The reason being is simple; if you have all of the non-perishable food, then all you need to purchase is fresh food. Also, since you’ll be on the road, you’ll likely pass a lot more farm stands than grocery stores. If you have the condiments, you’ll be all set to cook! (Unless you like plain, dry hamburgers, of course.)

Organize Everything Inside Your RV for Safety

Depending on the RV you own, you may not be able to see your stuff as you’re driving. Before you leave, we recommend that you make sure everything is fastened, attached, stored, or hung. That way, nothing will slip, fall, break, smash, and ruin your road trip while you’re underway. Most RVs have devices you can use to fashion, store, or attach pretty much everything. If yours doesn’t, however, you should consider purchasing them. Netting, for example, to keep clothes in order. Hooks to hang mugs, pots, and pans. Velcro works wonders for attaching most anything in place, too, like TV remotes. The more you organize, the less damage and frustration you’ll have during your trip.

Clean and Fill Your Water Tank(s)

One last thing to do before leaving on your road trip is to fill your water tanks. Yes, some RV parks offer water hook-ups. However, if you park your RV in a remote location, you might not have that perk. (Not being able to wash your hands or take a shower can be maddeningly frustrating!) We recommend topping-off your water tank and also taking along a filled, 3-gallon jug (just in case).

RV Road Trip for Beginners Brought to You By HideAway

We hope you enjoyed this guide of the best RV road trip tips for beginners. Once you and your RV are done for the summer, make sure to store it somewhere safe. HideAway Storage has several storage options for RVs and every other type of vehicle you could imagine. Chat with us today to learn more. Happy road tripping!

This was originally posted on July 2, 2019
It was updated on February 9, 2021