Reasons Why RV Living is the Best

Houses are expensive. No one will fight that claim, and after the housing crash, people have been looking for cheaper, more sustainable living. One solution that has been picking up steam is the RV. The humble, the classic recreational vehicle has been of late utilized as a primary residence by many adventurous souls. But what might be attracting these people to RV life? Ignoring the fact that it is awesome? Just a couple of things.

No Utilities

leaky faucet

When you park your RV at a camp ground, you plug into the local power, get connected to the water, and probably see about topping off your propane. Except for propane, all of that is free – and propane is cheap so functionally free. If you think you can find me a sizable house with no utilities, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

The Views are Incredible

snow mountain

Million-dollar views are a real thing, and people pay through the teeth for them. Not in an RV though. You find a view that you like, you can set up shop there. Want mountains this weekend, but the beach next? Go for it. Just unmoor yourself and find the new view. No fuss, no muss. Just out on the open road looking for the next place to be.

Being Outside is Easy

Mountain view

One of the biggest problems with apartment or house living is that it gets easy to just lounge around on the couch watching Netflix all day. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but where’s your sense of adventure? In an RV you are barely separated from the great outdoors, so go explore it. Go on a hike, go kayaking, tan on a beach or go snowboarding. Literally all that is stopping you from your next great adventure is you when you live in an RV.

Cleaning is Easy

Women cleaning carpet

The space is tiny, and this might be a negative – and for many people it is – but the upside to this, the optimistic view, is that it takes less than 10 minutes to clean your home top to bottom. Maybe a little more if you decide to mop or vacuum. I’ll take a ten-minute commitment to clean my house versus a couple of hours to clean a house. That’s not even a question.

No Bad Neighbors


Alright, so this one is a bit of a stretch, but it is true. Don’t like your neighbors? They party a bit later in the evening than you would like? Maybe they toss their empty cans at the side of your home. Doesn’t really matter now, because you can just leave. Then, suddenly, they aren’t your neighbors anymore. They are little more than an object, shrinking in the distance.

No Room for Things/People You Don’t Want

Although you can and should always make room for these adorable couch crashers, that doesn’t mean you want every guest who stops by. Don’t want your in-laws crashing on your couch for weeks at a time? Looking for a polite way to tell your accidental roommate to get a job because it has been six-months since he last paid rent? Now it’s an, “oh sorry, we just don’t have room.” If you want to spend time with your family or friends, you can drive to see them, and have your own little space during the visit. It’s the massive upside to the small space.

Living in an RV is challenging, it means sacrificing a lot of your stuff, and I won’t try to say that isn’t true – although you might consider storage for some of your things . Instead, I will say that it offers a lot of adventure, and a lot of fun is just at your fingertips, so go make some memories!