Now for the Hard Part

Holiday season is officially over, there are no major holidays left for quite some time and life is slowly starting to come back to some semblance of normalcy. Kids are going back to college or to the homes that they occupy, work is picking back up, and it is starting to look a little ridiculous that you still have hundreds of twinkling lights adorning your home. The neighbors are starting to talk, and some of them are wondering if you are alright. Worry not dear reader, for today we are going to talk about the hard part: scheduling and executing the removal of holiday decorations. For some this will be an elaborate process for others this will just be another day. Let’s find where you stack up on that front.


Type 1 people are the exact kind that make the holiday season so pretty. They spend hours adorning their home with lights of all shapes and sizes, and a growing number of them do those light shows. You know, the things where the lights strobe to music. If this sounds like you, odds are you either already have or need a storage unit. There is just no way to handle this situation without these sorts of solutions. Odds are what you would be looking for is something indoors as that will provide the best protection for your lighting system.

If this is you, it might make sense to schedule at least as much time to taking down the decorations as was spent putting them up in the first place. Things like this take a lot less time at this stage. For bulkier decorations, be sure to ask for help. The last thing we want is a New Year injury.


This is where I fall, the outside of my home has lights and I have a few things inside, but nothing that really blows anyone away. The best solution I have found is getting a 5×5 storage locker at a nearby facility. It provides all the space that I need for every holiday decoration – especially Halloween and Christmas. If this sounds more in line with your specific manner of handling the holiday season, I would look for something similar.



Type 3 are more private people, choosing instead to only offer decorations and holiday cheer to their close friends and family. This is an entirely acceptable position to be in and is where I would imagine most people fall. While often, the entirety of your decorations can fit in a simple box, it might be time to replace that box. There are only so many years that any box can hold up if you need moving boxes come down and see us.



This last type of person I choose to believe is the least common. This kind of people don’t need a whole lot of space for their nothing; that’s ok I suppose. Just another way to live, and maybe their life is a bit too busy or hectic. If this is you, remember that there is no reason to not join in with the holiday cheer, but much more importantly that no one holds it against you.