Making Space When You Need Space

While it is always possible that you learn you need more storage while organizing your self-storage unit, it is just as possible that it is time to consider cutting some of the dead weight. Yes, we all know that your collection of Russian Nesting dolls is important, and no one is suggesting you part with those. On the other hand there is that box in the corner that is just gathering dust. Sometimes when you walk in you think it’s a blanket, then you lift your hand up in horror and disgust. Today, we are going to talk about some of the things that signal that it is time to clear out some of your space.


When the kids strike it out on their own, and you are left with a house that is a little too big, and a storage unit that is a little too full, it might be time to consider finding new homes for the kid’s mementos. You gain nothing by holding onto them forever, and in truth they were never yours to begin with. You were only holding onto them for when the kids were ready, and when they have moved out, their readiness is all but asserted. You still love and support them, even if you aren’t holding onto their second grade science fair runner-up ribbon.


This is a little more targeted. It is time to find all the baby clothes that you held onto, they are expensive and often only get a wear or two before they out grow the clothes. When you kids start having kids, it is time to pass that torch. Whether they be your grandchildren, the children of a friend or a cousin, this is the perfect time to pass on what you have. No new parent has ever turned free clothes down. They might even offer to have you babysit so they can take a well deserved nap.



No, dust cannot gain sentience. It will never be aware of it own existence, and begin to ponder the inevitability of its death. It can still take up a lot of space, and honestly cover some of the untouched boxes so thickly that you have to spend several minutes wiping dust away before you can even open the box. Not a great sign, or a really great sign depending on how you want to look at it. That box can go straight into the donation pile, and the dust might even be used in scientific research to determine if dust has a soul.



Not every reason has to be linked to some major life event or the major passage of time. It might just be that you are perfectly aware of the fact that you are never going to use some of the things in there again. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact having the ability to recognize that is what this is all about. Good on you for knowing that you can self-actualize and throw your stuff away because you know you need to.