Is Sarasota a Good Place to Live?

Whether you’re moving here or already enjoy our beautiful beaches, there’s no doubt that Sarasota, Florida is one of the “Best Small Cities” in the US! What really makes this seaside oasis tick? If getting the inside scoop about Sarasota, FL is your goal, read on. We’ve got the answer to the question “Is Sarasota a good place to live?” coming right up!

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The Weather in Sarasota is Almost Perfect Year-Round

If being able to go outside and enjoy nature is crucial to you, Sarasota will be a dream come true. The weather here, except for about three months in summer, is practically perfect. Warm and sunny with a fresh breeze coming off of the Gulf of Mexico is par for the course! Yes, those three months, June, July, and August, get hot as blazes. 

Then again, some folks adore hot weather. If that’s you, summer here will be great, too! One thing is sure when you live in Sarasota: you’ll be out on the water a lot! Speaking of which, many people rent storage units in Sarasota for their boating and fishing gear. (They rent spaces to store their boats, too.) It’s a safe and convenient way to enjoy the water without taking up too much valuable space at home.

Is Sarasota a Good Place to Live?

The Schools in Sarasota Make it a Good Place to Live

Many people move to Florida to retire, it’s true. For them, the quality of schools isn’t critical. If you have school-age kids, though, school quality will be much more critical. The good news about Sarasota is that our schools get an A+ grade from! Of the 32 public schools here, well over half get an A or better! (Any kid will tell you that’s a good grade!) We’re also proud to have the #1 public high school in Florida, Pine View School! Is Sarasota a good place to live? If we’re judging based on schools, the answer is a very confident “Yes!”!

Cost of Living in Florida is Higher Than the Average

Another essential criterion for any city is the cost of living. For example, San Diego, CA, is lovely, but living there is outrageously expensive. Sarasota has similar amenities, weather, and beaches, but we’re still an affordable city. Below are the major cost indexes in Sarasota, which you’ll see are mostly below the national average: 

Sarasota Cost IndexCompared to National Average
Avg. Housing Prices14% higher
Grocery Costs6% higher
Entertainment CostsEqual
Healthcare Costs 2% lower
Utilities (Gas, Electric)6% lower
Transportation9% lower
Check out a more detailed breakdown of the Cost of Living in Sarasota, Florida on our blog.

Nightlife in Sarasota is Lively, Fun, and Exciting. 

No matter your age, everyone likes to go out and have some fun once in a while. In Sarasota, that’s easy to do, as we offer a wide variety of exciting and fun amenities at night. From fantastic eateries to hopping clubs, beachside bars, and more, there’s never a dull moment! We believe that Downtown Sarasota at night is one of the best places to be in Florida. It’s safe, clean, and vibrant, with fresh breezes coming off the Gulf. What more could you want? A wide variety of excellent restaurants, you say? Well then, keep reading!

Is Sarasota a Good Place to Live?

The Food in Sarasota Makes It a Good Place to Live

If you’re not a big fan of cooking, you’re going to love Sarasota, FL! We have the highest concentration of Zagat-rated restaurants in the entire state! That’s not surprising when you consider all the fresh seafood that comes into our docks every day. But seafood isn’t the only thing on the menu. Because Sarasota is so diverse, you can find cuisine from all over the world here! From Sushi and Hibachi to French, Thai, Greek, Lebanese, you name it; they serve it here fresh and tasty! 

Crime and Safety Need a Little Improvement in Sarasota

No city is perfect, and Sarasota has a blemish here and there. One of them is the city’s crime rate, which could be a bit better while not Chicago-terrible. (Sorry, Chicagoans.) The good news is that we’re lower than most cities as far as violent crime goes. Our problem area is property crime, including burglaries, theft, and motor vehicle theft. All three of those are slightly above the national average. So, not terrible by any means, but not perfect, either. 

The Job Market Makes Sarasota a Good Place to Live

A lot of folks retire to Florida, it’s true. If you’re still in the workforce, though, Sarasota offers a strong job market. Our unemployment rate of 4.6% is lower than the national average of 6%. Job growth in the last few years has been positive also, increasing by 2.6% annually. Our income per capita is also higher than the national average at $34,200 per year. Lastly, future job growth looks to be 44%, which is higher than the national average of 33%. Overall, that makes Sarasota a top city to find a good job and good income.

Is Sarasota a Good Place to Live?

Is Sarasota a good place to live? We think you’ll now agree that, yes, it certainly is! We’re Hide- Away Self Storage, and we love living in Circus City! If you need extra storage, we have safe, clean storage units across Sarasota. Questions about self storage in Bradenton? You can chat with a friendly manager online anytime or come in and visit us! Until then, have a great time in Sarasota!