Ideas for Beach Rental Side Hustles

Do you have the spirit of an entrepreneur? Would you like a side hustle that’s fun as well as lucrative? If so, and you live in Florida, you could run a small business catering to people going out to visit the beach. You could rent out surfboards, floaties, boogie boards, beach chairs, coolers, and various other types of aquatic equipment. You could even give surf lessons and other types of aquatic lessons to tourists, helping them to enjoy the water while earning yourself a nice income. The point here is that if you are willing to work for it, the beach near you can be a tremendous resource that can help you to earn a great second income. Who knows, maybe with enough time and effort that second income can turn into a full-time income?

How To Give Surf Lessons Every Summer And Where To Store Your Equipment During The Winter Months

Are you an experienced surfer and want to share your love of the water with others? Great! How about making some money while doing it? Even better right? If you live near a beach in Florida you’ll have a lot of tourists coming to visit during the warm summer months. Many of those tourists have dreamed of surfing, but they have no idea how to do it. This is where you and your side hustle come into the picture. You are going to rent out surfboards and provide surfing lessons to tourists. They’ll have the time of their lives, and you’ll get to pad your bank account. That’s a win-win scenario. But, how do you do it?

First, you’ll need some surfboards. Investing in surfboards is an expense, but it’s also a necessity if you want to run a surfing business. You’ll also need a trailer or truck for transporting your surfboards to the beach, and a place to store them. Surfboards take up a lot of space, so you probably don’t want to keep them at home. So, where can you keep them? How about at a storage facility? Renting a storage locker is inexpensive, and if you find one that’s near the beach then it’s a very convenient place to store your surfboards.

How do you advertise? You can advertise online, and you can also have a sign put up on a public beach. With social media, it’s easy to reach lots of people without having to spend anything on advertising. Your best advertising is going to be through word of mouth, either in person or online. If you take care of your clients they’ll take care of you. They’ll tell others about their great experience with you, which will help your business to grow. By consistently providing great service to your customers you’ll give them the type of experience that they’ll find enjoyable and memorable. They’ll tell their friends about how great their experience was with you, which could encourage them to hire you as well. This type of pattern can continue as long as you continue to provide great service to your customers.

How To Rent Out Surfboards, Floaties, And Boogie Boards And Where To Store Them

Once you have surfboard storage and paddleboard storage out of the way by renting a storage locker, you’ll be ready to get your business going. When choosing a storage locker try to find one that is on your commute from home to the beach, and one that is affordable. This will save time going to and from the locker and the beach. How should you rent out surfboards? Start by figuring out the right market rate. Look at other surfboard rental companies in the area and price your boards competitively. If you want to increase your customer count you could even try lowering your cost so you are significantly cheaper than other options. It’s also a good idea to have insurance on any equipment you rent out so that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for any lost, damaged, or stolen equipment.

Why Paddleboards Are A Great Investment

When picking out equipment to rent out don’t paddleboards can be a great investment. Not everyone knows how to surf, so you have a limited market that you can rent out surfboards to. While you can offer surf lessons, not everyone is adventurous enough to give it a try. But, paddleboards require far less skill than surfboards do, which means more people would be interested in renting them.

How To Rent Out Chairs And Coolers And Where To Store Them

What are two things that everyone going on the beach should have? Chairs and coolers. Everyone needs somewhere to sit and relax when having fun on the beach, and beach chair is a popular choice. They are lightweight, easy to clean, inexpensive to buy, and they fold up for easy storage. Many people visiting the beach won’t have a use for beach chairs once they head back home, so why would they purchase them? Why deal with beach chair storage when you can simply rent them instead? Another drawback of purchasing beach chairs is having to transport them to the beach and then finding somewhere to store them once you head home.

In addition to chairs, every beachgoer is going to need a cooler. The beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun, but during the summer months, it can get quite hot. What’s better than a cold drink on a hot day at the beach? Not much. The problem with coolers is that people run into the same issues that they run into with beach chairs. Their great when you are at the beach, but after that, all they do is take up space in your home or garage. But, what if people could show up to the beach, pay a small rental fee, then have a cooler for the day? Sounds convenient, right? That’s why renting out coolers and other beach gear can be so lucrative. The bottom line is that if you set up a little stand on the beach renting out chairs and coolers, you’ll likely have a lot of customers.

Start Small And See Where Your Journey Takes You

If you’re looking for an interesting side hustle where you can make some extra cash and have fun at the same time, you should think about beach rentals. Renting out various beach gear including surfboards, paddleboards, beach chairs, and coolers is a business that will always be in demand during the hot summer months. This type of business is virtually guaranteed to succeed since each summer thousands of tourists flock to the beach to enjoy the sun and the water. Being successful with this kind of side hustle should be defined by how much money you make, and how much time you devote to it. If you’re making decent money, but spending all of your free time working, then you aren’t being as efficient as possible. Making smart decisions, like renting a storage locker big enough to hold your trailer, can save you a lot of time. Imagine being able to pull into your storage facility, open up your locker, then just hook up your trailer. You won’t have to waste time loading and unloading your trailer every time you go to the beach, which will lessen your workload.

The most important lesson to remember is that you need to start out small, then slowly work on growing your business. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on equipment only to have your business not do as well as you hoped. As long as you are patient and willing to work hard, beach rentals can be an ideal side hustle for you.