Hall Closet Organization Ideas: How You Should Be Using Your Hall Closet

A hall closet has so many benefits and should be utilized in the most efficient and productive way. This space is fantastic for extra or bulky items that you have no other space for in your home, but many people don’t realize how much they can actually store here or how to organize a hall closet. Below are some hall closet organization ideas and tips to help you maximize your space!

Hall Closet Organization Ideas: Rework your Hanging/Shelving Space

Only using your hall closet for hangers creates a lot of wasted space. Only so many jackets will fit! Your hall closet is valuable real estate and you want to use it to it’s fullest potential.

hangers for coats

So, how to organize your hall closet that’s just a space with a rack? Think outside the box! Changing the layout of a closet is actually very simple and inexpensive — you don’t neeed a demo crew. Just take a trip to your local hardware store and grab a friend to help you drill.

First, however, you’ve got to section everything out for each type of item you want to store. Decide how many sections you want and what will go where. This will keep everything organized and you won’t have to dig through everything to get to a certain item. Installing shelves to designate each section is the key to using your closet the most effectively.

The best way anyone know how to organize a closer is to add in racks, containers, and bins will be your best friend. If you’d like to store shoes in a super fancy, Pinterest style in this closet because the closet is small, section the bottom ¼ as your designated shoe area. Another hall closet organization idea is to build a simple wooden shoe rack to keep everyone’s different pairs neat and organized.

Hall Closet Organization Ideas: Designate “Zones”

In the second-lowest section or shelf, you’ll want to keep the items that are used most often. We would suggest kids toys or extra bathroom toiletries. You can keep these organized by using zones – label bins and cubby drawers for each zone. That way, if things get unorganized, they’ll be easy to put back together quickly.

hall closet organization ideas: use shelving and hanging racks instead of just one or the other

The section above this will be perfect to neatly stack up your linens and towels. Having them closer to the top will keep them clean and neat even if you’re constantly going in and out of the closet. Finally, the top section will most likely be too high to directly see everything or easily reach, so we suggest using this section for items used least.

This should consist of bins that contain your out of season clothing, bulky winter coats, appliances not used often, or extra blankets. You’ll likely only need to access this section a few times a year.

Bonus: Use the Door!

Lastly, make sure you don’t forget about the closet door! This is a space that many people don’t think to utilize. With just a few store-bought hooks installed, this is the perfect area to hang hats, jackets, or scarves that are used daily. Who would have thought you could fit so much in your hall closet! This space is an incredibly useful storage spot in your home. Of course, if you have closets that you need to make functional but they hold many of your sentimental memories, consider renting a self-storage unit for a very low monthly cost.