Craft Room Storage & Design Ideas

Craft room on your mind? From sewing and knitting to jewelry-making and painting, crafts are a great way to reduce stress and enjoy a fun, fruitful hobby. If you have the extra room, setting up a craft room is the perfect way to dedicate a special space where you can get creative. Before you start planning, read on for some helpful craft room designs and storage ideas that will inspire you to become a crafting master.

Focus on Storage and Organization

craft room storage solution

One of the main gripes many crafters have is a lack of storage, but thankfully, this is an easy fix. Rolling bins with stacks of drawers are the perfect way to keep your crafting goods organized and in a dedicated place. Label the front of each drawer of the rolling bin to make it easy to identify what’s inside. Items like buttons, thread, and markers should all be kept separately so you can quickly grab what you need when you need it. If you have more seasonal goods that you don’t have storage room for in your craft space, like patches, a small storage unit might be a good solution to keep everything in good order.

Shelving is another smart way to set up an organized craft room. Try a bookcase or bookshelf with bottom doors that feature hidden shelves for clutter-free storage. Another great thing about bookshelves is that they provide tall, vertical storage so you can free up more floor space to work. If your craft room has a closet, use that to your advantage. Keep items like canvases, tabletop sewing machines, and other slightly larger crafting tools there so you’ll have more room to work when they’re not being used.

Make Your Craft Room Stand Out with Décor and Beautiful Storage

wall decor in craft room

Since you’re naturally creative thanks to your crafty spirit, give your craft room some personality with cute décor. Hang a few pieces of your own original artwork up to serve as inspiration for your next endeavor. If you enjoy cross-stitching, hang some finished, framed pieces on the wall. Pick out art that reflects your personal style and that will inspire you to keep creating. A pegboard with hooks and a corkboard offers convenient craft room storage and aesthetic benefits. The pegboard (try painting it a fun color first) can be used to hang smocks and other accessories, while your corkboard can be filled with inspirational images and friendly reminders of things you need to do.

Design the Craft Room with Intention

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When it comes to craft room designs, it really depends on your niche. For example, if you work with your hands, you’ll need to make room for a large worktable and a comfortable chair. If you enjoy sewing, there should be a place to keep your sewing machine and chair without cramping the craft room. Add shelving and storage bins after you’ve decided where the large, important pieces of furniture need to go first. This will help you avoid having to rearrange everything later.

If your new craft room is large enough, consider creating several different work zones. This will allow you to dedicate one part of the room solely to each task. For example, use a small desk in the corner for your laptop where you can complete digital work. Another area can be solely dedicated to sewing, paper crafts, or painting. Designate one spot just for your organization and craft room storage. When you do this, it makes it much easier to ensure you have the room you need to get down to creative business.

This article was originally published on 10/01/19

This article was updated on 11/19/20