Holiday Checklist

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday was Halloween and you had a full two months to get the house decorated for the December Holiday rush? Well here we are, in future times, and the house isn’t presentable at all for guests! Mom’s coming over, and you know she won’t be mad, she will be disappointed. Which we all know is code for she wants to disown you. To prevent that next year, or hopefully salvage this year, here are some of the things you will need to handle to avoid mom’s guilt trip.


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Nothing else I can tell you to do will matter if this step isn’t done first. Doesn’t matter what the holiday is, if the decorations are still your storage unit, then all the prep will be for naught. If you are utilizing attic or basement space for your decorations, that is less a concern; however, if you find yourself lacking in the space department, getting a storage unit for these lesser used supplies is a massive boon. Find a storage unit near you.


Now that you have all the things that you’ll need at your home, you need to clean the rest of the space. Do not, I repeat, do not start with this. I grew up with a mom whose catchphrase was practically perfect in every way; this is code for make the house look like no one lives here. I don’t want you to go through that nightmare. You deserve better. Instead, clean the space that is appropriate for the decoration. If your decorations include rotating art work around, make sure that you dust the walls. In fact, you should probably dust the walls regularly anyway. I know you don’t, not judging, but I know.


I say this partially ironically, but mostly to say that holiday decorating is a tradition that needs to be passed down family trees. Have them help with the tree or the lights or whatever you can trust them with. It is important for them to be involved in this process, otherwise they will grow into an adult like me who doesn’t really know how to handle the whole holiday decorating thing. Not a great look. Makes you look bad when you have friends over for a casual game night and there is not even a wreath or something.


Know those houses on the block that always seem to have the nicest lights, inflatable Santa, and what can only be assumed to be a second tree on their front lawn? You probably aren’t that family, and that’s ok. I’m not that family either. Instead of focusing on what is visible to the street, make your home as welcoming and inviting as possible. If you have the supplies and the will to head outside for exterior decorations, have at it, if not then you’re only hurting yourself. This is especially true because whatever it is that you put up must surely also come down. Remember, we had to psych you up to decorate in the first place. You don’t want to be the house that has an inflatable Santa out-front on the Fourth of July.

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