Four Festivals to Wait for in Fort Myers

Fort Myers, a city that tends to be overrun by spring breakers going wild and destroying the peace that otherwise dominates the landscape. What is often forgotten is the myriad of festivals to look forward to, large and small there is an event for everyone in the Fort Myers festival season. Some are much closer than you think. We have been working to compile a list of the most exciting festivals coming up. Here are the four festivals to wait for in Fort Myers.

The Fort Myers Film Festival

Running from April 10-April 14, the Fort Myers Film Festival is a showcase the beauty of independent cinema and art film. Whether you are looking for a movie that will make you think and leave you scratching your head for hours afterward or something a little more niche, this is a one stop shop. The festival is held almost entirely in the Davis Art Center. Feel free to follow the link above for more information on showtimes and where to get tickets.

Smoke on the Water

There is never a bad time for barbecue, the holiest and most American of food traditions. This short-lived festival, running only from April 26-27, is a great opportunity to sample some of the best barbecue the area has to offer. Smoke on the Water is, after all, a barbecue competition. The best available sampling of local barbecue is almost all that it promises. Enjoy great food and good music when attending this festival. Be sure to bring a wet wipe or two.

The 24th Annual Taste of the Beach


Food festivals are some of the best festivals in existence if only for the food and are decidedly fun to attend. From a wide variety of foods all in one place to pairing foods that would otherwise be impossible to match together, there is plenty to love about a food festival. The Taste of the Beach festival at this point is an institution, it is hardly summer without the festival – tentatively scheduled this year for May 5. It is a decidedly delightful event, and one that everyone for miles around should seek out actively, before all the good food is gone.

33rd Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship


Odds are you aren’t competing this holiday season in the sand sculpting championship, and that probably has to do with not being able to build a sand castle. These behemoth sculptures capture not only a level of detail that most people can scarcely achieve but do so with the second most irritating art supply. Second only to glitter in terms of irritation long after its use, these sculptures are truly a sight to behold and contain within them an artistry that is beyond reproach.