Five Festivals to Look Forward to in Naples

With the summer just out of reach, it can be tempting to want to go abroad; to maybe see how the northern states fair in the heat. Truth be known though there is a lot to do to make staying in Naples for the summer an excellent alternative to leaving this summer. If you don’t believe us, wait until you hear about five festivals to look forward to in Naples this year. Albeit, not all of them are in the summer, but they are all astonishing events and well worth a visit.

StayinMay Festival

Concluding May 8, the StayInMay Festival brings world-class performers from around the world right to your backyard. There is no reason to buy a plane ticket to see some of the best entertainment that the outside world has to offer. From musicians, film, opera, theater, there is a form of artistic expression that will captivate and tantalize. Be sure to bring friends and family because these performers are only in town for a limited time. Be sure to follow the link above for more information about what there is to see this year!

Great Dock Canoe Race

Saturday, May 11th at The Dock at Crayton Cove is the Great Dock Canoe Race. This colorful events pits teams against each other for the dream of proudly displaying their superior canoeing skills. This family friendly event has limited parking, so it is best to take the free shuttle and park a little way offsite. This will help you enjoy the fun without having to fight tooth and nail against a flamboyantly dressed man carrying a canoe for a parking spot.

Summer Sizzle Restaurant Week


Summer Sizzle Restaurant Week is a poorly named activity, given that it lasts two weeks not just one, running May 30-June 12th. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful event that allows people to sample the best food that Naples has to offer from the best local restaurants. While this is not a free event, three course meals range to around $38 each, it does donate some of the proceeds to the Sizzle scholarship program which could help local high school graduates better themselves in the future. If the cost of that is having a tasty meal, there is nothing we can’t do to help our kids.

SummerJazz on the Gulf


 This year’s SummerJazz on the Gulf kicks off Saturday June 29. For those who don’t know, this is a free concert series that features a blend of local and touring musicians. It is an excellent opportunity to take the family out to see some great performers for just the cost of parking. This year, the event kicks off with Alter Eagles, a professional cover band of The Eagles.

Brew-Ha-Ha at Mercato


No Naples, all your best events are not limited to the summer, on October 19there is the Brew-Ha-Ha at Mercato. This event offers unlimited sampling of locally brewed craft beers. To some this might be attractive because of the craft beer aspect, to others it is the unlimited beer. Whatever brings you the event, do remember that this is an alcohol driven event. It may not be the best decision to bring your children.

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