Five Best Places to Eat in Fort Myers

It’s 6:25. You’ve had a rough day, and just want to have a good meal. That’ll turn the whole thing around. Problem is that you don’t want to go to the same old food joints, and you have no idea where to go. Worry not dear reader, we have the solution that is perfectly suited to your needs! Below is a list of five of the best places to eat in Fort Myers. Whether you need an upscale restaurant or a more casual experience, we have you covered.


osteria celli is one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers

Everything about this restaurant is simply divine. While this restaurant should be saved for special occasions rather than out of desperation, as prices may stretch an acceptable family budget quite a bit. With a reputation for fine Italian dining cooked to absolute perfection, and a lineage of truly inspired chefs and Marco Coricelli at the helm, it should come as no question that what is placed in front of you will be a delicious experience. Perfect for anniversaries or special occasions, Osteria Celli is a gem for foodies and culinary enthusiasts in the Fort Myers area and one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers.


one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers is roashouse cafe

Much as we would all love to gorge ourselves on delicious flavors from around the world and the latest Japanese-Mexican fusion place, there is also a time where you just need a steak. That’s when Roadhouse Café comes in, there aren’t many frills with a place like this, only mastery of classic dishes accompanied by music from jazz legends and you have yourself set up for a good time. To be sure, this falls on the nicer end of the food spectrum, but with flavors like these, it is often hard to say no to this cafe, one best places to eat in Fort Myers.


Time to talk about some food for times when you just want a delicious burger or a nice slice of prime rib. That’s where University Grill comes in, specializing in all the food people love to eat. This no-frills restaurant focuses on one thing above all others: the food. Promising perfectly cooked haddock and incredibly kind wait staff, there is nothing to complain about when having a night out at University Grill and being one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers.


When you just need something quick, and nothing seems to be doing it for you, that’s when Marko’s Diner comes in. Modeled after the diner that we all imagine when they come to mind, Marko’s will never fail to impress. Simple food done with extreme precision and care is sometimes all that you can really want or ask for. From hometown favorites like meatloaf sandwiches to chicken parmesan, Marko’s Diner is a must-have breakfast or lunch destination and is one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers.


Last but certainly not least is Il Cielo. Within a relatively simple menu there is the essence of something greater. Whether you are in the mood for delicious seafood or would rather have veal scaloppini, there is nothing that could disappoint at Il Cielo. While a bit pricier than many of the restaurants listed, each bite is the definition of culinary perfection. Shellfish that melts in your mouth and steaks so tender you could cut them with a fork. If your mouth is watering, it might be time to try to get a table now!