Decompress, Destress, Declutter

My grandma always said that the absolute best thing to do when you are feeling stressed, or overwhelmed, or sad was to declutter your living space. I still think it’s a little weird, but I do find it oddly relieving to live in a place that is clutter free. It makes me feel in control of my life and my possessions, it helps me decompress a little bit, and it makes me a little less stressed. Of course, that could be attributed to no longer having Vietnam style flashbacks of my mom yelling about how the house was a mess when there were pillows on the floor. It is difficult to know for sure, but there is one thing I can say with certainty: it is hard to know where to start with decluttering. So, here is my process to make my home a little less cluttered.

Take Inventory

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I just want you to look around the living room, and just see everything that is in it. At this stage, you aren’t throwing anything away, you are just seeing what you have laying around. Take a mental image of your living space, know that you are about to fix the problems that you see and that everything is under your control.

Find Your Excesses

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What do you have too much of, you just looked around the room and surely noticed a couple of things you don’t need. That could be anything from newspapers to picture frames, anything that you see laying around that has gone untouched you probably could toss and not think anything about. Do you need every issue of a magazine? Probably not, but you might want a couple of clippings from it, so save those and toss the rest.


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Make an organizational plan, a lot of the time clutter isn’t really clutter. It’s just stuff that belongs in a different room, or in a specific spot. What you might want to do is come up with an organizational plan that considers your behaviors for these things. If, for example, decorative pillows are constantly tossed across the floor, maybe consider getting rid of a few; if you constantly lose the remote, see about getting a coffee table that has a storage option so it has a home when not in use. Ask yourself how you use the space, and play to that.


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This isn’t so much a declutter tip, so much as an observation I have had about the decluttering process. Clutter attracts dust and crumbs like a magnet, such that even after the space has been decluttered it still feels like a mess. After vacuuming, the space feels back to its normal self. Always be sure to vacuum after a declutter. It makes vacuuming sort of feel like a reward, and signals that you can finally have people back in this area.

Decluttering is only hard to get started, but it isn’t so hard to do. Take a moment to find the areas that need a little bit of extra work, and you’ll go far. As with any chore, you’ll be happy when it is over and wonder why it took you so long to do it in the first place.

If you find that your declutter mission just cannot be solved by throwing some things away, you might want to consider a self-storage unit. That way you can keep the things that matter most, without having to worry. Go check them out today!

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